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My Parenting Is Not An Attack On Yours

Imagine two people – let’s say one is a tattoo artist, the other is a physicist – and they’re both passionate about what they do, and they share that passion with the people they know. 775 more words


Tantra and attachment

I am just overlooking my neighbor’s magazine, as once again I cross the Atlantic. (You can’t blame me; these US Airways flights don’t have video screens. 922 more words

New Kadampa Tradition


When you’re as morbid and bored with life as I am.. And you find someone who understands you, you become really attached to them. It’s a calming release.

What is resisted is strengthened

One of the natural tendencies of the human ‘mind’ is to label and interpret whatever arises in this moment. This mental narrative is not problematic by itself, and it is not necessary (or even possible) to get rid of it. 495 more words


"Where are you now?"

Why do we get attached to people? Why do we feel so much for people, that we feel so much when we’re not around them? Why do we miss people who don’t miss us? 229 more words

Broken Shells

Dear T,

I’m so angry with you tonight. Being cross with you feels so uncomfortable, so I’m cross with myself and I want to slice my wrists, stab through to the fat in my stomach, shred my ankles and make myself bleed so the anger at you numbs and the anger internalises until it feels more manageable. 1,346 more words


That’s what I’m scared the most
When I get attached to people too much
They start to hurt me in every way they can
I’m sure they don’t mean it… 6 more words