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If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Sing

Confession: Sometimes I struggle with managing my anger at my kids. For example:

When my daughter throws herself on the ground because she wants a cough drop. 437 more words

Parenting Young Children

Therapy Hangover

As some of my recent posts show, therapy with T has been immensely tough recently. I met with a new GP yesterday, and when talking about therapy, he told me to remember that, “if it feels easy, it’s not working”. 1,799 more words

Ignorance is like the king, and clinging attachment and hostility are his ministers. To rid ourselves of the king’s minions we must get rid of the king. 17 more words

Spiritual Development

Building Your Kids Self Esteem -- EVERYTHING MATTERS!

Believe it or not, a lot of the parents that I work with are surprised when I tell them just how much their actions will wind up affecting their children’s self-esteem. 1,176 more words


31 July 2014

I am who you were
The skin in my fingernails
Picked clean, won’t stay gone

Will Never Understand

I’m so lonely.
And I am having a harder and harder time with people and even leaving my apartment. My anxiety is so bad. Hyperventilating attacks are a daily thing. 199 more words

oh em gee this hurts

I just spent an hour on the phone to a therapist.  (Excuse me for swearing but…) Thank god.  I think I managed to get a few words in aside from the volcano of tears that erupted through my entire body. 459 more words