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Adverse Childhood Experiences 3: Attachment Disorder

I ought to have an attachment disorder, which now is called “separation anxiety disorder” in the DSM IV, now redefined in the DSM IV-TR and then the DSM V. 846 more words


Creating A Family: Attachment Podcasts for you!

Attachment is the process of of forming emotional bonds between parent and child. For healthy emotional development throughout life, the child must attach to her parents, but it is just as true that the parent has to attach to the child. 110 more words


What's worse.

Is having had your hopes get crushed,
Better than not hoping at all?

Would’ve been better if we’d stayed separate,
Nostalgic, but finally fine,
A bit sad, a little empty, 45 more words



My mother left me when I was 14. I’ve honestly always thought that that was the primary root of my problems, but it can’t be. I think it goes back much further than that. 1,067 more words

Mental Health

I'm a lady, don't you know

After an extremely rough therapy session today I have had a very pampered evening. My partner was allowed to touch me for once, and he gave me a brief head, neck and shoulder massage which was (without him even knowing it) just what I needed after having a ‘psycho-seizure of sorts’ for fifteen minutes this morning. 283 more words


What’s in it for Me?

Humans are naturally social creatures, both craving and needing relationships of all types. Our relationships are a fundamental part of who we are, yet we get no formal training on them. 1,846 more words



I miss Zooey. A lot. I don’t think about her quite as much as I used to, but when I do, it just hurts so much. 413 more words