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Political attack ads poised to flood Quad City airwaves

With less than 100 days to go until the November election, your phone lines and airwaves are about to be inundated with political pitches. And although most people will say they don’t like all the attack ads, don’t expect them to stop anytime soon. 361 more words


It's a Trap! Chuck Norris and Campaign Advertising

In America, politicians have to play Miss America every couple of years to keep (or get) their jobs. This means campaigning. It also means, surprisingly, Chuck Norris. 1,700 more words

U.S. Senate candidates Lankford & Shannon respond to attack ads

Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, T.W. Shannon and James Lankford, are now answering attack ads that are airing on television as the primary election draws near. 218 more words


As election approaches, party accusations go into overdrive

WATCH: (Jun. 11, 2014) Finger pointing between the two parties with a chance at forming government are not likely to do anything to avoid what may well be another low in Ontario voter turnout. 440 more words


Unions Spending $4 Billion To Run Attack Ads at Hudak -- Time to Stop this Outrageous Abuse

(Editor’s Note:  This explains why TV stations like CITYTV have become the 24 hour “Attack Tim Hudak” channels.  All day long, every commercial break there are TWO anti-Tim Hudak ads.   649 more words

Liberal Watch

Imagination is the first casualty of election campaigns

It’s election season in Ontario, and this means two things: 1. We’re having an election soonish. 2. Each major party is releasing asinine attack ads about each other, and it’s pretty funny. 547 more words