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Old Dogs- No New Tricks

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By: Lauren Brown

Round one of the closest Connecticut Governor’s race was in 2010 when there was no incumbent running and both parties were able to produce fierce challengers. 603 more words

Attack Ads

What A Pretty Picture

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By: Danielle Cammiso

While campaigning for office, candidates work to create their image to have an influence on how the public views them. 626 more words


Ezra's Error


bsent context, the Canadian political right has cultivated a new stereotype for itself in the last two decades.  Led astray in the wake of the Great Conservative Cataclysm (the deed of former Conservative Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney via Schreibergate), provocateur pundits like Ezra Levant have a new favourite tactic: to use character assassination and innuendo to shape political fortunes when the strength of goals and ideas can’t be found. 472 more words

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RIP, Shelley Riley Moore

By: Danielle Cammiso

The mother of West Virginia Senate Candidate Shelley Moore Capito, Shelley Riley Moore, passed away on Saturday, September 13th, 2014 according to a… 151 more words

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Grimes Gets Grimy

By Jake Lee

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As McConnell’s lead in the polls has increased, Grimes negative attacks on the current Senate Minority Leader have increased as well. 318 more words

Attack Ads

Ten of the most vicious, and game-changing, attack ads in Canadian political history

It all started with the Americans, as most things tend to.

The infamous “Daisy” campaign ad for Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1964 re-election campaign turned fifty this week… 787 more words


Ernst Under Attack

By Sophia Sellars

Joni Ernst (R) has been facing some serious attack ads recently. Some have come from Bruce Braley’s campaign, while others have been created by third party groups. 290 more words

Attack Ads