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Overrated Sh*t I Hate #1: The Hangover

I’m old and crotchety at 22 and I’ll be damned if I won’t let some of it rub off on you guys. There’s stuff in this world that people find awesome that just plain isn’t. 344 more words

Review: Attack the Block

As the tagline says, “Inner City Versus Outer Space”, and you know what, I enjoyed this film.

Aliens are invading Earth once again, except this time they find themselves landing in one of London’s council estates! 243 more words



Elefest 2014 runs from 2 – 5 October and is an annual festival to celebrate the cultural and creative diversity of Elephant and Castle and the people who live there. 119 more words

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Time to Get Back to the Block: Ant-Man Writer's First Solo Project Is Ripe for a Revisit

(A note: I know it’s odd to post this piece about Attack the Block now, more than three years after its release, but I’m a big fan of the film and a fair number of people missed it during its theatrical run. 1,186 more words

Alien Nation

Shorts Spotlight: Dust

In Dust, Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) plays Todd, a loner who begins stalking a single mother (Jodie Whittaker of… 115 more words


The Moviegoings Podcast #6: Attack the Block

Is it sci-fi? Horror? Action? Comedy? Coming-of-age drama? It’s all of those things and more! We’re discussing the fantastically-entertaining “Attack the Block” in the hopes of figuring out why not many people saw it and explaining why it should have been seen by everyone who enjoys a good time at the movies. 10 more words


There's barely enough time for this headline

Time goes by so fast. It’s a cliché, of course, but is it just me or does time really seem to be going by faster than ever before? 752 more words