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Big Mother, no housing

The artist Stik has painted the tallest mural in the UK. Big Mother might seem simple, but that’s what makes the image so immediately arresting: a mother and child, painted on the side of a condemned block of council apartments. 227 more words


Chocolate Girl Wonder's Review of, "Attack the Block" (2011): A Must See Monster Flick

Attack the Block should go down as a classic monster flick. A cult classic. Bad boys, aliens… a fifteen year old saves the world. It’s an awesome flick. 584 more words

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MCC Home Video Scorecard #1: Monsters Overseas

In my ongoing quest to scribble things down before they vanish from memory and personal history, for a while now I’ve been trying to coming up with a system for jotting down notes about the movies I watch at home. 1,339 more words


Overrated Sh*t I Hate #1: The Hangover

I’m old and crotchety at 22 and I’ll be damned if I won’t let some of it rub off on you guys. There’s stuff in this world that people find awesome that just plain isn’t. 344 more words

Review: Attack the Block

As the tagline says, “Inner City Versus Outer Space”, and you know what, I enjoyed this film.

Aliens are invading Earth once again, except this time they find themselves landing in one of London’s council estates! 243 more words