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Attack Solutions - Blitz / Rush / Umbrella Defence

In this second post focusing on simple ways to beat typical defensive styles, I’ll focus on the blitz defence. It’s also referred to as a ‘rush’ or an ‘umbrella’ but for the sake of simplicity I’m going to stick with ‘blitz’. 808 more words


Forgiveness (Part one) or how a 19 year-old attack victim did not stay one

Awhile ago I remember reading the following quote

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you

- Lewis B. 895 more words

Trusting God

Video:RDAF F-16 Gun Runs and Bomb Drops

F-16 Fighting Falcon practicing air strikes with 20mm cannon, 500 and 2,000-pound bombs in Oksboel shoot terrain…



Grounding A-10s will save $4.2 billion, decision ‘clear’: USAF general

For months, US Air Force officials have used the adjective “hard” to describe their decision to ground entire fleets of aircraft in response to budget cuts.  41 more words


Sergey Lavrov: "If Russian Troops Or People Attacked, We'll Retaliate"

Source: Zero Hedge, submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/23/2014

It took Joe Biden just a day after his arrival in Kiev to kill and bury the last remaining hope that last week’s latest attempt at diplomatic de-escalation in Geneva would actually be anything more than a joke. 98 more words

World At WAR

'They're going to kill me,' 74-year-old Oklahoma woman relives brutal dog attack

ENID, Okla. – A 74-year old Enid woman was viciously attacked by two dogs and is still recovering in the hospital from her injuries.

She is still shaken by what happened and will likely spend a few more days in the hospital. 349 more words


Luxury no more welcomed in Italy

The Dolce Vita ? Only in Fellini’s and Sorrentino’s movies, thank you.

While Pope Francis and his Cardinals in their homilies attack more and more frequently the wealth, the Italian Revenue is ready to activate the infamous “expenditure-meter”, an algorithm measuring the expenditures of taxpayers and targeting luxury ones in order to identify suspected evaders. 65 more words