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Morning Devotion: The chariot syndrome

So Israel was told by God to drive out the pagan tribes upon entering the Promised Land.

Why? To prevent the corruption of theology and morality that would surely follow if they didn’t. 354 more words


Dolphin washes ashore in Hawaii with Cookie Cutter Shark bite wounds

A local news outlet in Oahu, Hawaii is reporting that a dead dolphin washed ashore with a twist – there are signs of an attack from a rarely seen deep water shark! 103 more words


Syrian Government Accused of New Deadly Gas Attacks on Opposition

Several alleged gas attacks on Syrian opposition groups this month have raised fears that forces loyal to embattled President Bashar Assad are continuing to use chemical weapons. 269 more words

No more violence

It’s just too easy to use violence. Usually people start off with some good old scolding which then progresses into physical agression, it happens every day. 129 more words

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

This book reminded me a lot of Pigeon English, a good book which I would’ve probably blogged about had the ending not totally killed my buzz. 537 more words

When Fear Attacks

Without exception, regardless of our situation, following Jesus requires all of us to repeatedly exercise courage, because God frequently calls us to face or do things we’re afraid of. 1,128 more words