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6 Shark Attacks Reported Along Pacific Coast In '14; All In California

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — All six unprovoked shark attacks on humans last year along the Pacific Coast occurred in California, according to researchers.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports findings from the Shark Research Committee found 4 of the attacks… 159 more words



Remember those childhood days, when you’d play hide-and-seek with your friends and you’d think you had THE perfect hiding space inside a bin, or an old fashioned trunk? 508 more words


Major Panic Attacks Daily

My Social Security Disabilty case is on Wed. For the las week I have been having intense long lasting panic attacks and extreme anxiety. It feels like my body is vibrating and my gut is killing me. 30 more words

Th3Harold's hypocrisy.

Harold Ambeau

   Then why did you and Edoedo owner of Slvlogs attacked Buddha9?

You told her to get off the internet?

And this posting by you. 74 more words

Deaf Happenings.


Hello people, I am back to the land of the internet and the world of blogging. I know I have been missing for ages now, and I pray you don’t hate me too much just for being away. 507 more words


Anxiety. Open your mouth. Open it wider. Wider still, so your cheekbones ache. Now inhale. More air, you need more. Your windpipe ignores you. Your throat becomes tighter and it squeezes your windpipes blocking the passageway so no air can enter through your mouth. 1,142 more words


Attacks Blamed on ‘Shape-Shifting Jews’

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Daily Beast reporter finds French-Algerians believe Paris shootings were Jewish plot to make Muslims look bad

Sure, the horrific series of terror attacks that rocked France last week could have been carried out by Islamist terrorists. 456 more words