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Birth of a new major religion?

According to Google, we have a fourth major religion! It doesn’t offer any festive holidays, but at least it’s easy to convert: Simply click “save as,” and then choose “PDF.”

Happy holidays, friends.

Attempted Humor

The Christmas Letter

Whalen Family Christmas Letter 2014

We don’t normally send these letters mostly because Christmas tends to sneak up on us but as one who enjoys writing I thought that I would give it a shot this year. 399 more words

Attempted Humor

Why every kid should collect stamps

I admit it: I feel a bit nerdy confessing I collect stamps.

I’m not sure how it all started, but I think it’s my father’s fault. 982 more words


Red Water

Is it not hard to imagine your own language disappearing from the face of the earth?  So many have been the last to utter final words, with no one else to understand their meaning over the last 200 years and I am sure there will be more.  1,837 more words

Wobbling in Woodinville

After arriving in Everett, where we actually live, not in Seattle, thank goodness, we soon wanted, like everyone else up here, to take advantage of the secretly beautiful summer into fall weather.  874 more words

The Cost of (NOT) Living

When we decided to leave North Carolina, at least for now, and transplant 2,786 miles to the left coast, just north of the Socialist State of Seattle, in Everett, Washington, a common question was “Yeah, you will be retired and drawing a decent check from the retirement system here, but won’t the cost of living out there eat up the difference even with your new job?”  There is more than one way of looking at this.  1,106 more words

Attempted Humor