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The Marketing Dance: Doing The Jerk part Two

In The Marketing Dance: Doing The Jerk, our last bloggette, I dissected the wrong way to get anyone to be interested about you and your stuff on social networks; where you act like those cheap commercials on Late Night TeeVee with the announcer yelling at you: “Wait, WAIT, there’s more…” 1,701 more words


“A Tale of Two Teams”

I watch in agony as two of my precious children find themselves caught on a collision course with each other that will leave one experiencing the sting of heartbreak and the other grabbing for the next rung on the championship ladder. 318 more words

Attempted Humor

Billy Beer*

*My manager snapped an exemplary photograph of this six-pack of Billy Beer, which some neighbors actually paid her to remove from their garage sale. To my dismay, my manager reported the cans are empty. 23 more words


The Marketing Dance: Doing The Jerk

Selling me crap in an email is justified, because I can label you junk and, hopefully depending on the reliability of my MacMail, never see you again. 1,021 more words