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The Insanity plea

Sanity left me a few years back, it was a sad day

No more was I to frolic in the fields and think how nice the sunset was, how glorious it was to spend a Sunday afternoon picking out shapes in the clouds… 1,193 more words

Random Pieces

The art of Dating!

In this game we humans play the women holds all the power, until such a time as she deems us less worthy creatures deserving, so as ever, the lady decides. 21 more words

One Liners

On the bloody loveliness of the solitary lifestyle

This one goes out to my fellow non-nesting aces. To those who, having found the bliss of living alone – really, properly alone – would rather give up coffee/cake/TV/their internet connexion than go back to having… 977 more words


Dear Santa!

Dear Santa

I would like… No, only kidding, last time we played that game we woke up with a couple of blondes, a feather duster and the March Hare was cooking us breakfast, please do tell me if you remember anything more than the word ‘kibble’ from that night although maybe it’s best left forgotten. 328 more words

Random Pieces


    He woke with a sense of terror, spine chilling visions of a ghostly apparition hovering eerily at the base of his bed “Are you S. 749 more words

Stand Alones

Macaroni Cheese on Christmas Day

“I have a dream”

I must thank Martin Luther King for a cracking opening line!

Ever since Christmas gained its cheap and tacky appeal I’ve had a dream; Macaroni Cheese on Christmas day as I veg out on darkly inspired DVDs to combat the cheerful smiling sop that pollutes the TVs rosy lens. 635 more words

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