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An exercise in suffering, only the brave should read! (I dare you to read all the way through)


The author of this piece has been phoning call centres and automated phone lines for weeks solid, so enjoy this authentic reconstruction

For those that survive this experience with a shred of sanity I raise a toast! 964 more words

Stand Alones

Glad to see the back of summer.

An ode to Olaf, poor deluded fool!

Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz
And I’ll be running away from bugs in summer.
A Pimms in my hand, sticky sun cream getting clogged with sand… 171 more words


Dating an artist, the insiders guide

Dating an artist:

To say I have limited success with the dark arts of dating would be an understatement (the reference to ‘dark arts’ being a hint). 1,292 more words

Stand Alones

A Sign!

Ever find yourself the only person in the room with any idea, a sense that nobody else has even an incline of what’s going on in your mind… 98 more words

Stand Alones

School For Girls

Everything I read or write these days seems to be Heavy. It’s almost like everyone’s lost the ability to just muse about small things. Everything has to be about ebola or Hamas or ISIS or something. 402 more words

Priya's Travails

What I want to say, but can't!

‘I’m looking for a poison to match my own’

If that isn’t romantic, I’m not human…

The idea of sounding romantic is something that differs from person to person, for me a compliment is ‘I actually give a damn about you’ or ‘your the finest poison, and cure, a man can have’ and the like, not exactly ‘I love you, your so warm and fuzzy I want to cuddle you’ (me saying that or having to hear it might evoke projectile ill health!!). 233 more words

Stand Alones