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Humour, at least I hope!

Jesus at the mound, feeding the 30.000

“Good news; I can make this packed lunch stretch, Bad news; All we have is marmite sandwiches and tofu cubes” 21 more words

Attempts At Humour

Ode to bad parenting!

Dear Mum and Dad

After years of mistreatment, I must officially lodge a complaint as child line keeps telling me I am technically an adult so since they refuse to take my calls this is my only recourse, you are the worst parents ever and I must catalogue your failures so the world can see what a good job you did! 507 more words

Random Pieces

Things to say and not to say to a Manic Depressive

For starters I am aware that in this modern age of fluffy names and cute medical words to soften the blow to fragile egos the condition is called Bi-Polar, back in the day when it had its rightful name they were at least blunt about it! 738 more words

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