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Will You Have a Coronation or a Crucifixion?

Stand and unfold yourself!

~ Hamlet, Act I Scene I

Because of the strong possibility

that it is founded on nothing,

I think religion is beautiful. 110 more words

Attempts At Poetry

Order behind my madness

There’s order behind my madness
A reason behind my silence
There’s madness in my patience
A lesson in every sacrifice
There’s patience in my grievance… 58 more words

Just Thoughts

friday night

we read someone else’s poetry on ashy steps
and made broadway on an empty, brown-bricked loggia
where we played unprecedented love songs to the world… 30 more words


Dirges in the Dark

Our 1972 Buick lumbered down the freeway,

surfing the shimmering heat waves of August,

leaving the hazy Dallas skyline in the past.

It was a long ride back home… 206 more words

Attempts At Poetry

Here, in the Landfill of my Mind

There are many ways to throw oneself away.

Jesus, the Way the Truth and the Life,

bent over to pick up

a discarded cigarette butt… 116 more words

Attempts At Poetry

not misnamed

I use to wonder
if I should have been named
something that reminds me of the nopales I eat every morning,
sautéed with tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and… 120 more words


iowa's lullaby

dirty polyester stretches across the sky
and its soft, water droplets caress the earth—shy kisses
erupt like the rings of a tree stump on black, 17 more words