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San Francisco

I miss the city.

The city full of barefooted angels

sleeping off hangovers on cardboard beds

as the be-suited day devils pass by.

Painted men-ladies idle the afternoon away… 121 more words

Attempts At Poetry

No, Thanks

Jihad John dressed all in black

Points out with his knife all that we lack

There is no beauty in the eye of the beholden… 167 more words

Attempts At Poetry

Death is the Mother of Beauty

Confront the nothingness

-the emptiness

-the meaninglessness

of life you must, sooner or later,

maybe more than once (maybe many times),

divorce yourself from this mortal coil. 202 more words

Attempts At Poetry


Eyes speechless with sorrow

see, what I thought were faces

were actually thousand year-old skulls.

I can no longer stand this world’s greed,

or mine. 95 more words

Attempts At Poetry