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Trotsky at my Kitchen Table

Walls of silence

ten miles high

surround a mind

burning inside

where Trotsky sits

at my kitchen table

and contorts a fable

of smoke-fueled wits. 28 more words

Attempts At Poetry

The Mad Season

This summer’s been endless

making monsters of us all.

The sweaty boy in my yard

pushes back his hat and drawls:

“Too bad y’all can’t just fix this here line.” 126 more words

Attempts At Poetry

remember your Creator in the days of your youth

I fall in love with You
all over again,

Not about what You do,
no longer what I want

Your presence, it satisfies… 22 more words


The Hunger For Meaning

And what is Earth’s eye, tongue, or heart else, where else, but in dear and dogged man?

~ Gerard Manley Hopkins

You and me

Have the same enemy: 226 more words

Attempts At Poetry

Will You Have a Coronation or a Crucifixion?

Stand and unfold yourself!

~ Hamlet, Act I Scene I

Because of the strong possibility

that it is founded on nothing,

I think religion is beautiful. 110 more words

Attempts At Poetry

Order behind my madness

There’s order behind my madness
A reason behind my silence
There’s madness in my patience
A lesson in every sacrifice
There’s patience in my grievance… 58 more words

Just Thoughts

friday night

we read someone else’s poetry on ashy steps
and made broadway on an empty, brown-bricked loggia
where we played unprecedented love songs to the world… 30 more words