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How to be aware of your hidden agendas

On this talk show:¬† How to be aware of your hidden agendas…plus, how to change someone’s false perception of family members…plus, why do women sometimes call their dad “Daddy”? 12 more words


Going Through Spurts

*just another stream of conscious rambling attempt at poetry, clarity, staving off the inevitable blahs I feel coming on*

I shouldn’t be surprised, yet I always am. 223 more words


NFL: Running Backs with the Most Career Rushing Attempts

Only one running back in NFL history was given the rock over 4,000 times. It’s football’s all-time rushing yards and rushing touchdowns leader, too.

It’s… 254 more words


Fortune Cookie 74

shouldn’t be too hard, the list is long…


I see I think

Watching through hazes
Conseptualised by prompts
External interferences clamber
Tugging and jostling for control
Spinning idealism skyward
Chances missed or overlooked
Dreams squewed and thwarted… 62 more words


Eid ul Adha

Tea at dusk as I

Witness the moon slowly rise.

In a few moments, it will


Be a perfect horizon.

Except that, nothing will ever be… 33 more words


Attempts To Ban Blacks From Voting

This site covers the subject of voter suppression. In particularly how there is an attempt to ban Blacks from voting. Voter suppression is not anything new but many people that are not affected by it dont understand it.