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Day 3: First attempt!

This was my first attempt at flipping off the wall, thanks to help from my friend Jayden
Stay tuned for more to come!


Stolen kisses

When younger, spent much time in a sinister, sinewy alleyway that snaked sibilant past shops, homes and boys smoking illicit substances packed hastily into cigarettes. North end of.Kathmandu, past Chakrapath, towards Budhanilkantha, turn left into Kapan Marg, and into alleyway, come out on other side onto Milijuli Told. 286 more words


Project One: Defining Love

“Love is a verb. Love is a doing word.” -Teardrop, Massive Attack

Love is a big word. It also has significant value, possibly far more than anything in this world.

406 more words

Attempt: Chocolate Souffle

It’s one of those desserts that I’ve always wanted to attempt but felt intimidated by the fact that every step would have to be perfectly executed. 336 more words

Small Treats

How to be aware of your hidden agendas

On this talk show:  How to be aware of your hidden agendas…plus, how to change someone’s false perception of family members…plus, why do women sometimes call their dad “Daddy”? 12 more words


Going Through Spurts

*just another stream of conscious rambling attempt at poetry, clarity, staving off the inevitable blahs I feel coming on*

I shouldn’t be surprised, yet I always am. 223 more words


NFL: Running Backs with the Most Career Rushing Attempts

Only one running back in NFL history was given the rock over 4,000 times. It’s football’s all-time rushing yards and rushing touchdowns leader, too.

It’s… 254 more words