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So the whole point is to score, right? Well yes, but it isn’t that easy.

The offense has 4 attempts to get the ball 10 yards from where they start (scrimmage line). 377 more words

Football Explained

Five Ways To Not Encourage Your Pastor

We’ve all been there. We’re talking to one of our pastors who is soon to be giving a sermon and we want to say something that will encourage and inspire them as they prepare to open the Word for our congregation. 820 more words


Waiting on a friend: In the hope that you still read my blog.

This is probably the only post I’ll write about you, actually, to you. Take these as my last words since “I shall fuck off” are perfect for dramatic effect but they hardly sound apologetic. 326 more words


Tuesday Tip: Helpful Holiday Hosting Tip

Dads (or anyone), are you hosting holiday gatherings sometime in the month of December? Do you have more clutter to remove (prior to guest arrival) than you’d care to admit? 224 more words

Tuesday Tip

First attempt at lip syncing

Just trying to grasp the technique behind lip syncing so nothing special and no sound just trying to understand how to do it.

actually really really bad if I’m going to be honest but I was literally just getting the technique.