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Everything Must Go

Everything must go.

No time, no space– nothing.

What amounts to success may not amount to happiness…

not yours at least. But you need to try. 72 more words

Paige Dubose

Thank You Surprise Cake for Ottawa Humane Society

A few months ago I was approached by a Ottawa Humane Society canvasser. As she talked about the organization, her passion for the animals radiated. But it wasn’t until she shared a touching personal story from her childhood did I realize that she was sincerely wearing her heart on her sleeve. 586 more words


Doubt v. rationality

She feels like putting a bullet through her head. She doesn’t know why. It’s just one of those days.

She knows that emotions are a by-product of her hormone addled brain. 124 more words



Hey again guys, so by now you may be aware I achieved my goal in learning to flip off the wall. Yay!

The following video shows Alan flipping, which was my goal to learn. 59 more words


Day 5 - Finally got it!

Hey guys! Hope everyones week has been wonderful :)
So I’m very excited to be posting this video, as I have finally achieved my goal of flipping off the wall! 67 more words


The Universe is a Magic School Bus book

The Universe is a Magic School Bus book.

That is to say, yes, I do believe that I have the power to decode messages from the Universe. 497 more words