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Technique Rests In The Details

Before I begin, or rather as I procrastinate before writing, I like to read a book, short story, or some poems to help ease myself into the groove of writing. 592 more words

Two Songs for a Blood Moon

The Kathmandu Post, April 19, 2014 (Blood moon: 15 April, 2014)


This Vaudeville Life

It is often said that the things that happen once the curtain falls is what helps you determine what or who the person is. But what I can tell you, having stood in the scorching heat of that massive spotlight, is that it’s imperative you see the version of me on stage in order to put into perspective and understand by contrast what I am really like as I trod through life without the costume jewelry and powdered face. 942 more words

The past month in 35mm attempts

The lack of updates here is definitely an indication of a)loads of work and b)my usual burden of not being able to come with something because life is tough, I can’t seem to put words together and succumbed to laziness. 371 more words

Art Attempts

Sonnet 1

As I resolve to never let go, to fight

For what I have seen and dreamt beyond the law

Your shadow stretches from its frame of light, 102 more words

Poetry And Pondering

The Courage to Try

One must not stave off

the Courage to try-

to quash Ambitions

will never see them Fly.


Sourdough Bread - Attempt 1

This is my first attempt at sourdough bread, not entirely my first attempt at bread baking. Either way, I never baked bread enough to perfect it. 313 more words