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I Saw It Coming

Ever been in a situation where you see the first incident that could lead to a decision, and then continue to observe and watch the situation degenerate into something bad? 353 more words


Cultivate A Powerful Mind

Twenty minutes of quiet meditation daily rewires your brain to tap into and grow the regions responsible for a more positive outlook on life.

How many people do you know that just can’t settle down? 402 more words


Tricks Our Minds Play on Us

Why is it that we hold some beliefs so firmly in the face of overwhelming evidence against them?

I notice this in religion, where people are convinced of the truth of a passage in the… 313 more words


Paying for attention

Are you distracted from distractions. Apparently we are all overloaded from cell phones, texts, e-mails, video, apps and more.

I wonder if the new definition of “paying attention” is the cost in lost productivity and the declining quality of personal relationships. 26 more words


Willpower Is Key To Success

There was a child, a marshmallow, a closed room, and a promise.

This was an experiment a couple of decades ago where a researcher curious about willpower brought a child into a room. 312 more words


What Was Your Intention

There is s guy I know who often talks about living with intention—pray with intention, decide with intention, live with intention.

While driving home after a weekend get-a-way Sunday, I rather absent-mindedly set the cruise control on my car. 211 more words


Three Types of Focus

Can you maintain focus long enough to read a book in the Bible? A chapter? A story? Can you read a book?

Many people feel that a combination of today’s information deluge and our attachment to the instant gratification of smart phones with email, Facebook, Twitter, and so on are ruining us of our ability to sustain focus on a task. 163 more words