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Where is ... uh, what was I looking for again?

“Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?” –Phyllis Diller

So the reason it took more than 50 years to discover that I had this hardly rare “disorder” called ADD is that the condition was seriously exacerbated by the effects of, shall we say, hormonal changes.

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Dinner for breakfast

My health care providers say increasing my protein intake could improve the functioning of my ADD-addled brain, especially eating it for breakfast.

Several practitioners and researchers have touted protein for easing ADD symptoms including Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscientist Richard Wurtman as reported in  355 more words


Neurofeedback tunes key brain networks, improving well-being in PTSD

Pioneering research conducted at Western University points to a promising avenue for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): utilising neurofeedback training to alter the plasticity of brain networks linked to the condition. 261 more words


The Awakening


What a day….

Really, oh my what a day…. Last night I was up late and I was in a bit of self-pity mode. I was writing all about everything bad that happened to me. 494 more words


Fear of starting again something new…

This has been a week of disappointment for me. Three rejection letters for jobs that I wanted, an exam that I studied for, I didn’t pass and the constant loom of rejection hanging over my head. 243 more words

Applesauce! Um, I Mean, Applause!

Lysdexics Untie! I’ve always wanted to create a bumper sticker that says that, only every time I try to write it out, it ends up reading properly. 527 more words


Am I not good enough?



Am I not good enough?

The reason I switch my blog and started this one was because they always say, write about what you know. Well I know myself pretty well, I know my ADD, and I know how it affects me and my struggles to deal with it. 361 more words