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Thanksgiving Nights, Sights and Bites

Imagine yourself in a multiplex movie theater. Curiously, no walls separate the half-dozen theaters that form the multiplex. Miraculously, you are watching six different screens all at once, thoroughly understanding and enjoying every scene, word, character. 1,086 more words

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Please Like my Baby

Please like my baby for my baby is so cute,
Look at its* cho-chweet cheeks, and at its tiny snoot…
How cuddly it is, so plump and fluffy, don’t you think so? 358 more words


Attention Deficit Disorder: My Diagnosis

I was diagnosed officially with Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder in October 2012. I was 14 years old and 4 months and had just started my GCSEs. 2,763 more words


I get to have sex in one day.

For all of my fellow sexual adults who know what it means to have a secure sexual situation that does not involve love or a relationship recognized by anyone other than, well, you – this one is for you. 686 more words


20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD/ADHD

20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD



It’s a fact; a person with ADD is hard to love. 1,471 more words




Why do I feel this way? Many things make me feel like this and it shouldn’t be that way. I have accomplished numerous things in my life but I still find myself trying to compare myself to others. 276 more words

The Downside Of Awareness

One of the unexpected consequences of my starting this blog has been the number of friends and acquaintances who have shared their own experiences with depression with me. 619 more words