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When Mental Illness (MI) Hit Home

I never thought it would happen. Not to my son. Not to our family.

Who plans on life with MI? Who dreams of having a son with MI? 1,077 more words

Dealing With Life

Mental Health Roller Coaster Rides

The problem with being diagnosed with the mental illnesses that I have is that my life is a constant jumble of cycles and emotions and thoughts and there’s so many ways to handle each of those diagnoses but if two or more of those diagnoses are in full blown mode (and people diagnosed with two or more illnesses know exactly what I’m talking about) those ways of helping deal with one might aggravate another.   937 more words

Practicing what I preach

My sister is angry about being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Do you remember being angry when you were diagnosed?

I assume it’s a common reaction. 555 more words

Diabetes Blog

ADHD not a "real disease": neuroscientist

Source: MSN, by Kimberly Gillan, April 01, 2014

Children are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when they actually have symptoms of a range of different psychological problems, according to a leading US neuroscientist. 115 more words


This is Why We (ADHDers) Can't Have Nice Things

I hate commuting.  I absolutely loathe it (Duh, most ADHDers – scratch that, people – do).  I’ve spent two hours, round-trip, driving (very slowly, mind you) in the car for more than five years.   1,134 more words


ADHD: Signs and Symptoms

By: Jillian Curry

While most children have some trouble sitting still or paying attention in school, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, show a persistent pattern of inattention and hyperactivity across many different settings such as in school, at home, and on the playground. 206 more words

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People with ADD/ADHD don’t all suffer from the same cluster of symptoms and issues. We believe each person must be treated as individuals and life-coaching must be customized to each person. 225 more words

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