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The attention economy: potato salad and the best books you’ve never read

What a week. At least for Zack Danger Brown, whose potato salad making project on crowfunding platform Kickstarter raised $40 000 and counting. In March, Noburu Bitoy asked for $8 to buy a burrito and received $1,050. 293 more words

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Swift gets one thing right, many things wrong

Taylor Swift’s youthfully optimistic piece in The Wall Street Journal on July 7th  was, on its face, written well and had good intentions. However, beyond one insightful comment, the piece was more an exercise of naiveté than insight. 498 more words


Cannes View - This is no time to waste time

I do enjoy reading the snippets that are drip fed out of Cannes. Once again this year, the same debates just keep coming round– the tensions between media and creative, who is truly in control of the client relationship and where creativity can truly come from. 996 more words

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The Attention Economy - How Digital Ads will be accounted for

The Financial Times has taken on an important step into the digital economy, of counting exposure with a different metric. Well, not entirely a departure, but a shift from mere exposure right down to time blocks of 5 seconds. 45 more words

Tips to market the green product successfully

1) Position the green products based on their inherent mainstream benefits

 A very important pointer, you may have created the product innovatively, but larger part of the world is interested in benefits that the product will serve the customer. 146 more words

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