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The short attention span and other stories - II

We all do our share of online reading. We all do it far too many times to accept the fact that reading a paperback is running out of fashion. 697 more words


"Don't Tell Me. Show Me." & Violent Pandas

Reading Response #4 – J. Carl Ganter & Eileen E. Ganter – “Sound in the Story

When interviewing or making audio, there are several ideas and tactics that are important to know beforehand. 441 more words

Gar Tate

Chasing Frogs

Let’s talk attention span for just a second, which is about how long mine would last when I was ten or eleven years old.

Now that I’m middle-aged-mature, that span has increased by a factor of at least ten. 947 more words


Long Reads...

I have a (very large) pile of books that sit waiting to be read, and gradually work my way through them, often picking the next one on a whim; books get added as one book suggests the need or desire to read another. 354 more words

Rambling About Reading

'T' Is For Technology

Some of the things I’m enjoying these days include: burning candles, open beverages, going to the bathroom by myself, items remaining in the places I last left them, eating what I want when I want and, finally, an absence of children’s television programs playing in the background. 871 more words

Active Vs. Passive Learning

The Age of the 'Non-Reader'

The internet, in its boundless glory, may have unfortunately taught us some bad habits. Habits that may be limiting our ability to absorb information effectively.

713 more words


Attention! is one of the first words we remembered in life as it was my fathers favourite word to help us focus when teaching us to read as children. 1,005 more words