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overshadowed by 'gorgeous' friends...

I love my two best friends and spending time with them. The problem is they are both really gorgeous looking. Whenever I hang out with them (which is most of the time), I feel like guys will never notice me and I start getting down on myself. 277 more words

Identity & Self Esteem

love made attention

camera was in the way

and it wanted to add

another pair of the eyes

and why are you afraid

and not understanding

what you long to see… 46 more words


Best Ally

Don’t be fooled into befriending any frame of mind that tells you repeatedly that your options are limited or stuck.

Turn your attention instead to your own best ally, the intuitive and knowing self, which gently creates a bright and inspirational link to your mind’s higher intelligence for happier and more contented ways of living to be yours.

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Blogging 101: How to get noticed

On my most recent Blogging 101 post I received a comment from someone wondering how to get his blog noticed. Now, as most people will tell you, blogging shouldn’t be about gaining attention and popularity UNLESS it is designed to promote your own business or product. 572 more words

Social Media

Day 211: Wander

Today I made a point of wandering about.

I’m getting to know my new campus, but every trip from one building to another is still an adventure. 330 more words

Magical Maze

(image credit: Anthony M. Davis)

Enter the maze
let the magic unfold
trust your intuition

No idea what lies
in the network ahead
trust your intuition… 72 more words



There’s an important factor in learning and practicing that I’d like to bring to your attention. The scientific description is called state-specific learning. What that means is the content of what gets learned will be tied to the literal circumstance where you learn it. 622 more words

Thinking Skills