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Do opportunity costs of time really matter?

Time Teasers: The Opportunity Cost of Time

One of our mission statements here at Timeful is to help you “make time for things that matter.” But diligently creating time in your day for things that you value is easier said than done. 99 more words

Behavioral Economics

Sarspasm #6

All some people crave is attention.

It is true almost everyone on the internet is craving attention… That fact connote be avoided but posting a video of you getting arrested just plainly because you won’t give out information like your god damn last name is ridiculous! 135 more words


296 Work attitude

Superficiality is an ailment of the will resulting from instability of conviction or constant activities of all sorts in a constricted framework of time.

Hopping back and forth from one activity to another accomplishes nothing other than creating stress for yourself and an ineffectual performance. 47 more words


Devotional day 22---A SECOND COUNTS

 Text: Phil. 4:7

With peace, there’s more peace

Struck by the thunderous noise,

Everyone; running helter-skelter,

With no idea of exactly the nearest shelter,

And possibly could have by-passed one; amidst the unstable situation;

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we forget that one of
the greatest gifts we
can give ourselves
is an allowance
of mindful being

found through the art
of sitting still, 6 more words

Thought Of The Day


You have been buying what you don’t need. But you think you may need it if you do that or if you go there. You are not sure if you are gonna go there at all, let alone this year. 578 more words



Her colorful wings were not enough
So she moved to a lone flower
Hoping to attract his soul attention.

He looked upon her as he did… 94 more words