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Exercise in Conscious Awareness of Attention

To contract awareness, practice focus of attention

Mindfulness requires conscious awareness of where your attention is at all times. Sometimes you may prefer to have concentrated focus on a task, whether reading a story or working on a project, which requires a contraction of your awareness. 563 more words


wooden inspiration

Wandering through the forest you wonder about why those tall friends - who have been there for ages – need to be brutally sliced from their feet. 437 more words



Spring just might be here. I sit with the door open to the air that resides out there.

In the back room I have dragged my plastic drawers of paints. 278 more words

The need for attention

I feel that I am an unhealthy need for attention. Sure, everyone wants to be paid attention to, to be recognized and seen, but in my case I think I carve it all the time. 133 more words

D Day is Here

Due to some unfortunate events I had to move my daughters move out date to this weekend.  My heart is heavy and I am feeling very conflicted.   682 more words



Veins stretch up blades of
grass. What can we see if we
let our eyes focus?

April Daily Haiku Challenge – Day 21

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