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Lady in need, Lady in red

When woman needs attention, she should buy a red dress.
It fixes everything. In the most fortunate cases – forever.
Tried. Tested. Approved.


having an older brother with aspergers.

This is Caoilte.

i am less than 2 years younger than Fionn

i am in the year below him in school.

i wrote about the pros and cons of having an aspergers brother before – BUT wondered what was different.so am going back through it all again and updating it. 1,053 more words


Regain A Missing Sense

“Awe is the beginning of wisdom.” Matthew Fox

We’re missing a sense integral to a fully-lived life. Not a sense like hearing, seeing, tasting, or feeling—although these senses should come into play too. 759 more words



It’s easy to find yourself sinking – about to drown in the crashing waves of challenges and struggles and fears. And that sinking feeling most always evokes panic. 399 more words

Short and Sweet #143– Spiritual Superiority Shatters Earthly Inferiority

When we live life from this truth things become much easier because we know that no matter what is happening in our lives everything will be OK. 494 more words

Personal Growth

Educators’ attention and energy linked to leaders’ emotional intelligence

“Big Idea”: Continuous improvement requires that leaders effectively manage their attention and energy and the attention and energy of the school community. 

A key to the successful management of attention and energy is leaders’ emotional and social intelligence. 101 more words

Dennis Sparks

Is it better to choose unconsciously?

When To Think Less About Your Choices

Smart people have a tendency to think hard about the choices they make. Who are you going to marry? 122 more words

Behavioral Economics