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Update on Archie and a run

Well a new week, but an old issue is still outstanding 119 more words


Welcome to the party! How to apply the new rules of fundraising

These thoughts came over a coffee when someone asked me “Richard, if you had a blank sheet of paper how would you restructure a large fundraising department?” Isn’t it great that meeting someone for a coffee and being asked a simple question can help you learn from yourself! 1,617 more words


Education 6132 – Learners in Context: Module 8 Reflection

P2 – Practice differentiated instruction

The art of learning involves many factors and influences.  Chief among these are motivation and attention.  I found the readings and discussions posts regarding these two variables to be very interesting and enlightening.  288 more words

EDU 6132

Day 327: Recall

I was looking through a catalog of remainder books this morning and ran across a title I had not seen before: How to Sit by Thich Nhat Hanh. 244 more words

The price for patience

It has been kindofa stinky weekend.  I have worked on a document for the office for just about every waking hour, with the exception of the times I was driving or directly tending mythankfulboy or myhounddog.   108 more words

Oh, that's it?

I would like to introduce you to the place where I pass every sunday. It is a shop that sells Red Bean Paste Snacks and I would occasionally buy from him when I had a little extra time. 97 more words



…TV’s actually the most annoying thing sometime… they take all my concentration away and I just can’t follow any conversation… The same reason why I turn off my mobile phone when I am with others outside of important thing’s! 
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