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First confession

First e-mail I recieved from a person which probably had to find courage to do that:


I just want to thank you for allowing me to write to you. 190 more words

Miss piggy is cute

i love Miss piggy, the reason why is because she is a pig and pigs are my favorite animals


Playful Concepts


whispers speak


for the whimsical spirits

which gently sway

through the willow’s


I have succumbed

to the sweltering heat which


off… 19 more words


How do you eat yours - How to avoid Overwhelm.

Remember the old Cadburys Creme Egg advert?  How do you eat yours?  If you know it you just heard it in your head as a slightly posh male voice – Hoow doo Yoou eat yours?  315 more words


Ability to speak and be heard

I did this blog because sometimes I would find some stuff I couldn’t share with anyone close, but I had to be heard I wanted to speak it out. 141 more words


How mindfulness improves your networking

I didn’t always enjoy attending networking meetings, especially when I started my coaching & mentoring business. I knew I needed to get out there and meet people but having to walk into a room full of people you don’t know is never easy. 525 more words

Career & Business Success

Mind Running Wild !?

We are living in the time of war. Well, my friends, there’s nothing new about war. There has never been peace in the world, and there never will be. 1,147 more words