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Easy Meditation for Big Kids

It’s been a while between a meditation or mindfulness post on the blog. Trust however that the importance of practising mindfulness and meditation hasn’t been lost or forgotten (although perhaps slightly backburnered). 292 more words


Six Types Of Meditation

There are so many different types of meditation. How many? Who knows, but enough so that you can find the one that’s right for you. To get your search started, here are six types of meditation you can try. 564 more words


Kindred Cairn

Yesterday my brother Mark suggested that the Waymaking Cairn make a trip to Cairn.  Little did he know that trip had already taken place.  The reunion with the  long lost  kindred cairn was memorable.

Vanity thy name is...

Blogger. How I hate that word. Doesn’t it even by it’s sound exactly reflect, whats associated with it? Spewing statements and undigested, unfiltered opinions all over the web in self-obsessed convulsion after convulsion… BLLAARRGH… Not, that I am not guilty of it myself. 713 more words

Painting is not an additive process

It’s hard talking/writing about painting. Everything about painting is hard, except for the gifts of grace to be found there.

I’ve been struggling with how to find a way to talk about pervasive failures in painting that strike me as symptomatic of our time illuminating broader misunderstandings of what it is to be. 1,154 more words


The little one screams “Give me something to do. What should I do? I am bored, I am bored.” Her eyes pass over me when I give her ideas which do not seem to interest her. 226 more words