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Making the Most of Our Time

The best single sentence of advice I’ve heard about getting better at something is to spend time with it every day. However, you can make that time more effective by staying focused on the activity at hand. 439 more words


Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Where attention goes, energy flows. Stage spots w/water, wood, fire, earth & metal for constant energy boost & flow.

Feng Shui

Letting Go

Today I will focus on letting go.
Letting go of “certainty”.
Letting go of the concept of security and opening to uncertainty.
Letting go of the illusion that my perception is reality and all there is. 18 more words


Album Review: "Attention" by AlphaBAT

I’m not to sure how popular AlphaBAT actually are. I don’t see or hear about them ever. In early November they will celebrate their one-year anniversary since they debuted as a group. 354 more words


4 Areas of Life That Could Use A Little More Attention

And by ‘use a little more attention’ I mean, ‘could use a little GOAL-SETTING’.

So, I’m on what I’ve been affectionately referring to as a ‘goal-roll’ lately. 305 more words


The Tug on Your Soul

Have you ever experienced that tug in your soul when you know that the Lord is wanting you to do something? Its a tug that overwhelms and beckons your soul to follow the order, but yet you find yourself wrestling against yourself and Him. 1,105 more words

Life In General


This morning, as I read through my earlier post, I realized that I’m beginning to understand myself. Through the writings, I am saying things that I have been kept for so long or at least I am admitting things that I have been denied unconsciously (or consciously). 180 more words

Morning Thoughts