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3 Seconds for God

Guest Author: Abigail Lassiter

Text. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Emails. TV. Movies. Commercials. Posters. Advertisements. Billboards. They all want our attention NOW. Our thoughts quickly go from one thing to the next as dings, beeps and our ringtones demand we notice them immediately. 560 more words

The Blindside

Attention to detail can lead to very rewarding outcomes.



STIMULUS CONTROL : Regaining attention span

Wakefulness, processing work at night in the head whilst sleeping, remaining anxious, high brain activity during sleep, REM induced erratic and episodic dreams and its involuntary occurrence all are aspects experienced by most, at least the working lot amongst us. 2,469 more words


12 Unexpected Things That Mess With Your Memory

You regularly ransack the house to find your keys. You suddenly can’t recall the name of your kid’s teacher. You made your six-month dentist appointment three months late. 1,533 more words

Day 240: Commence

I retired my old alarm clock during the big purge. Now my phone wakes me up every morning. I set it to a song, usually changing it every few weeks just to have some variety. 338 more words

A Year of Productivity

If you’re like me, you are constantly looking for ways to increase you productivity, attention, motivation, and the overall progress you are making in life. In my search for tips to become a more productive person, I came across the blog,  43 more words


Pennsylvania Church Billboard Catching a Lot of Attention

It’s a billboard that’s sure to get your attention.

A church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania just put up a billboard with a controversial quote attributed to God. 45 more words