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5 Facebook Updates Your Friends Really Don’t Want to See

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family, and you can have a lot of fun sharing jokes and updates about what’s happening. 539 more words


Our Teachers

Everyone has something to offer in this world.  Pay attention to everyone, because we learn from each other.  We attract many different people into our lives consciously or unconsciously.  58 more words

ध्यान विचारशून्यता नहीं है

प्रश्न: सर आपने एक बार कहा था कि परम आनंद आप्लावन(इमेर्शन) के द्वारा ही होता है| तो वो तो ध्यान में होता है|

क्या ध्यान का यह मतलब होता है कि विचार है ही नहीं?



This is a very unfortunate verdict but expected. “GRAND JURY DECLINES TO INDICT OFFICER IN FERGUSON SHOOTING”. The grand jury declined Darren Wilson to be charged in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown and it has emotionally outraged African American communities, country-wide. 326 more words

Ispahan macaroon, Galeries Lafayette, Paris


Perfect circles of
infinite air;

Raspberries, picked at dawn,
glistening with dew,
by the hand of a young
maiden, remembering her lover
in a far away land. 54 more words