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License Plates are Vital for Society to Function Properly

License plates have been used to identify registered drivers and distinguish natives from different regions. Plates are vital to law enforcement all over the world in times of emergencies and entertaining to road trippers as they make their way thousands of miles by highway. 255 more words


We're all talking at once!

When my family sits down all together at the table to eat, everyone talks at once. If you hear something that interests you, you just hop into the conversation. 652 more words

with ten you get intestinal bloating

Such condition is caused by the forced retention of crowd dispersing gases in the process of completing an assumed worthwhile post (such as this one). All the while, such discomfort is unnecessary because no one is paying the slightest attention to this, or any other, post (except their own) written and submitted. 8 more words


Just a few weeks ago I was making fun of my friend (in my head of course) who had a blog on this website. She had shared it with her friends and family, and said that the blog was a way for her to get out her feelings. 86 more words

My Problem with Lazy Summer Days

If there is one thing that I do that I absolutely H.A.T.E. that I do it is procrastinate. It seems like this is a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately and no wonder…I have my master’s thesis looming on the horizon.  530 more words

Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection TED Talk

Perception is something that we often try to use to pick out things that people have or do. Yet, as demonstrated in this TED Talk, it seems that sometimes we don’t have good perception about ourselves. 154 more words

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