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Charlieplexed 4x4 Matrix w/Attiny85

Between the light show and EERef, I haven’t had any time to really think about how to use these Attiny85′s I recently bought. After some image searching for inspiration, I settled on a 4×4 matrix using the charlieplexing technique. 180 more words


Building an Arduino out of Paper

Following in the footsteps of the original Paperduino—and the Paperduino Leonardo—is the Paperduino Tiny. It’s a cheap Arduino-compatible board based around the ATtiny85… 128 more words


First playdate with Attiny

Today, I got some Attiny85 chips in the mail. I followed everything in this guide to get me started: http://highlowtech.org/?p=1695

I programmed my first chip using the tutorial. 141 more words


Build Your Own Radio Clock Transmitter

Deep in the Colorado foothills, there are two radio transmitters that control the time on millions of clocks all across North America. It’s WWVB, the NIST time signal radio station that sends the time from several atomic clocks over the airwaves to radio controlled clocks across the continent. 193 more words

Clock Hacks

USB On The ATtiny10

Atmel’s ATtiny10 is their smallest microcontroller in terms of physical size – it’s an SOT-23-6 package, or about the same size as surface mount transistors. The hardware inside this extremely bare-bones; three I/O lines, 1kB of Flash, 32  194 more words


Home automation using simple Python, JS, Arduino and elementary circuits

This picture makes the following long story, short. The rest of this post will describe my ideas behind this schematic.

What is a good way to connect some… 503 more words

Raspberry Pi

Traditional approach to ATtiny programming

I recently bought an Adafruit Gemma. It’s a little programming board that is slightly bigger than a 10p coin and it costs about GBP 7. 660 more words