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What Is This, A Microcontroller Board For Ants?

You youngins probably don’t remember this, but a few years ago there was an arms race on Kickstarter to create the smallest Arduino-compatible microcontroller board.┬áSince then, a few people have realized they can make┬ámore money on Kickstarter through fraud or potato salad, and the race to create the smallest ‘duino board petered out. 163 more words


White Dwarf, the Omni-Directional LED Light Show

It’s inspiration came from my oldest daughter’s desire to be a Marvel Superhero this Halloween. Of course, engineer Daddy takes the task to whole new level.


Arduino aquarium water auto refill. (arduino code on attiny45/85)

Circuit, pcb design in the video.

Arduino code on the smd attiny45/85.

PCB size: 20x25mm / ~0.8×1 inch
Powered from 5V USB mini.

This small device check the water level every ~12 hour. 36 more words


Biometric Golf Cart Security System

If you live in an area where golf carts are used to get around like Youtuber “ramicaza,” you might consider carrying a key around for your golf cart a hassle. 185 more words