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THP Entry: Tinusaur AVR Platform Teaches Noobs, Plays Game of Life

 says there’s nothing special about Tinusaur, the bite-sized platform for learning and teaching the joys of programming AVRs. But if you’re dying to gain a deeper understanding of your Arduino or are looking to teach someone else the basics, you may disagree with that assessment. 150 more words


ATtiny85, Blink an LED

As many do when they work on something new they do the “Hello World” thing. It means that you do something simple before you head deeper. 271 more words


PWM controller

For the last couple of days I’ve been working on designing and building a PWM controller capable of handling moderately large currents at modest voltages (5A @ 9V). 823 more words

In Home LED Strip V2


In this version 2 of “In Home LED Strip”, I had upgrade the number of LED and also controller those LED using Attiny85, which run in Arduino enviroment. 676 more words


Updated makefile

If anyone has used the Makefile from my AVR programming on Mac post and tried to do the make install you have noticed its not working. 475 more words


AVR programming on Mac

As a step before I start posting about my AVR (arduino and ATtiny) projects I thought it was a good idea to tell you how my developer environment is setup. 863 more words


USBtinyISP w/ATtiny85 and no zener diodes

Finally I got some time to create a blog where I will post my DIY projects and as a first post I will talk about my USBtinyISP AVR programmer that I have build. 401 more words