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Biometric Golf Cart Security System

If you live in an area where golf carts are used to get around like Youtuber “ramicaza,” you might consider carrying a key around for your golf cart a hassle. 185 more words


Halo-style Paintball

It seems as though has taken some serious inspiration from the Warthog. The iconic armored buggy from Halo video games has a turret mounted to the roof. 188 more words

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Biometric Secured Golfcart Allows For Keyless Start

Who uses keys these days, really? Introducing the world’s first(?) biometric secured golf cart. Gives “push to start” a whole new meaning!

lives in a small community where many families (including his!) use golf carts to commute short distances, like to the grocery store, or school. 157 more words

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Pin Change Interrupts on ATtiny85

Pin Change interrupts on the Arduino have eluded me for awhile so when I finally figured them out last week, I also started messing with Pin Change Interrupts on the ATtiny.   411 more words


ATtiny Watering Timer Turns off the Water When You Forget

A pal of  was regularly leaving his sprinkler on for too long. He also had forgotten to turn the water off while topping off his pool a couple of times, an embarrassing and wasteful situation. 280 more words

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THP Entry: Tinusaur AVR Platform Teaches Noobs, Plays Game of Life

 says there’s nothing special about Tinusaur, the bite-sized platform for learning and teaching the joys of programming AVRs. But if you’re dying to gain a deeper understanding of your Arduino or are looking to teach someone else the basics, you may disagree with that assessment. 150 more words


ATtiny85, Blink an LED

As many do when they work on something new they do the “Hello World” thing. It means that you do something simple before you head deeper. 271 more words