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Printing Decimal Numbers on SSD1306 OLED Display Using the SSD1306xLED Library

After playing for awhile with that SSD1306 OLED display I decided to add few more things to the SSD1306xLED library and the ability to print numbers seamed to be an important one. 390 more words


Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Sorry for the late post! I finally got the photos of this project off of my phone onto my computer.

For halloween this year I thought I’d have a project relating to the holiday and decided on making a 3D printed Jack-O-Lantern with a custom internal board that can flicker LEDs to light the pumpkin up to music or changes in the environment like light and sound. 470 more words


Class D Amp with an H-Bridge

Class D amps are simple – just take an input, and use that to modulate a square wave with PWM. Send this PWM signal to a MOSFET or something, and you have the simplest class D amp in existence. 245 more words


3D-Printed Clock Tells Time with Gears

designed a 3d-printed clock that’s fairly simple to make and looks awesome. The clock features a series of 3d-printed gears, all driven by a single stepper motor that found in surplus. 124 more words

Clock Hacks

PWM Based LED Driver

** Updated code for more stability

It has been quite some time since my last post – as often happens, life intervenes and this time just a bit too much hospital time both for myself and one of my kids. 883 more words