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3D-Printed Clock Tells Time with Gears

designed a 3d-printed clock that’s fairly simple to make and looks awesome. The clock features a series of 3d-printed gears, all driven by a single stepper motor that found in surplus. 124 more words

Clock Hacks

PWM Based LED Driver

It has been quite some time since my last post – as often happens, life intervenes and this time just a bit too much hospital time both for myself and one of my kids. 883 more words


Measuring the Length of WS2812 Strips

discovered a simple way to measure the length of WS2812 addressable LED strips from a microcontroller. This is great for any project that can have an arbitrary length of addressable LED strip attached to it. 149 more words

Led Hacks

Adding a Battery Gauge to a Project With Zero Parts

The typical way of doing a low battery detector is throwing a comparator in the circuit, setting it to measure a certain threshold voltage, and sending that signal off to a microcontroller or other circuit to notify someone the battery is going dead. 173 more words


Inexpensive AVR Programmer Made From Five Components

If you want to program an AVR chipĀ as inexpensively as possible, then solution might just be for you. He built an AVR programmer using only four components. 134 more words