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You guessed it...

Just one day until online check-in.
Just one more day of work after today!
Held my breath as I walked past ammonia alley by the station and now on a less than rammed tube, and the sun just came out!
PMA for a good day!

Lead Up


… is the challenge to be something more than average

- Jim Rohn


Three Mind Hacks That Help Reduce Emotional Stress

I was reading an article recently of an athlete who had a heart attack.  He was physically fit with a resting heart rate of below 50.  1,159 more words


Change of Attitude

The optimist knows the sun shines,
Above the clouds, though gray,
The pessimist sees the dark side
Of a gloomy cold winter’s day.

The optimist says “keep on going.

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Three Immodestly Dressed Women Walk Into a Church...

Maybe it is jealousy or insecurity that is the root behind my anger at that immodestly dressed woman. Because when it bothers me to see her…is my primary concern for… 1,126 more words


Self Validation

Self Validation

Humans crave validation from other humans, and from ourselves.

Now, some people think that those who overtly seek validation should be dismissed as “shallow” or something, but the bottom line is ALL humans are hard wired to NEED validation. 400 more words


Woven Together

I am a wife.  I am praying each day to be refreshed in how I can do for him what no one else can do, as well as how to come alongside him in this life. 467 more words