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Pistol squats!

First time Iv’e done this! It really opens up your hips and hamstrings which loosens up the pelvis and work wonders with backpain!


Stand Up For What You Believe

One of the best way to make sure that you’re living your dreams is stand up for what you believe.

You’ll never see your free will as something random, but it will become the most important thing in your daily life. 219 more words


Devotional day 30---IN TIME

Text: Eccl. 3

The one you can do, please do and leave no stone unturned and believe, for in time; it’d be fine… :)

TODAY’S MELODY: 7 more words


Devotional day 31---THANK YOU LORD

Text: Phil 4:4

God’s best food; Gratitude— if you haven’t served it to Him throughout August; my dear, it’s not too late to ‘clean the dishes’ and say; 30 more words


On ice

How do you filter through all the information that you are confronted with each week? I am on overload.  Let’s just look at one segment of my life and the messages I have had to decipher, filter, and interpret all week.   705 more words

Christian Living

The Blog (Un)Superstar

The essays leading off the 2014 version of Writer’s Market comprise an apologetic for frenzied social media among writers. Type A scribes whoop me into an anxious sense that I’m missing out, until I rest on one line in there somewhere about, “But if social media isn’t your thing, don’t do it.” 303 more words


Define Yourself

From the Facebook page of Anne Rice:

I’ve often said there are no rules for writers. Let me share the WORST AND MOST HARMFUL ADVICE I was ever given by others.

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Anne Rice