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The Magic of Thank You

I was chatting with a friend the other day and he was talking about something that rock his professional world and made his rise above the competition. 50 more words


We could all use a little Southwest humor here and there...

I fly over the contiguous United States and then the ocean.  And it doesn’t matter how much I have made the journey, I still NEVER… 212 more words

Success is other-focused

Ask the most successful people you know how they got that way, and they will respond with some variation of the following: I provided value to others.  512 more words


Extreme Caution

I’m taking the crap in stride and using it to fuel my workouts, operation sexy is in full swing.  Although I still can’t quite lift due to my accident, I am back in the gym doing what I can. 322 more words

Life with a Disability Isn't Easy

I decided to buy a new eBook again and went with I’m Not Here to Inspire You by Rob J. Quinn, a collection of essays (most originally posted on his blog) on life with severe cerebral palsy. 426 more words


Why Are AV Techs so Negative?

Let me interrupt my series of personal posts to talk about a question I know people have asked.

Put any group of 3 or more AV techs in a room and within 15 minutes at least one will be crying and moaning. 363 more words

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