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New norm

Modern society has turned away from absolute standards of conduct. Instead of a guilt ethic (restraint by conscience) we have a shame ethic (restraint by fear of apprehension).” Thou shalt not get caught” is widely regarded as Eleventh Commandment. 162 more words


Personal Responsibility is the Answer to Our Problems

Okay, hold on to your hat cause what I am about to talk about might just hit home and make you squirm and most likely make you mad. 1,263 more words


An Ode to Halloween Season

The Halloween season is here…not to be confused with the Harvest season or the Christmas season or the Thanksgiving season which seem to all run simultaneously these days.   698 more words


Choosing to Start Fresh

Sometimes the best thing you can do is make a big change.  Athletes are usually forced into that change as they get to be too old to take the wear and tear on their bodies.  411 more words


The Value of Rest

Rest is important. “Thanks for the new information, Zach.” As you can see, it has been some time since I posted. Basically, school started, softball season got busy, and life happened. 99 more words


The IT Factor

Earlier this week, I shared an interesting story in an email to a friend about Richard Branson. Branson deserves respect as an entrepreneur and founder of many start-up companies, including turning his victory in the Anari X Prize competition into a venture to be the first commercial space line transporting everyday citizens rather than just professional astronauts. 1,044 more words


All About

It’s all about attitude…and always more fun being on an adventure!!!