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For Mike Bloomberg, gun control and the Nanny State are the stairway to Heaven | Human Events

For Mike Bloomberg, gun control and the Nanny State are the stairway to Heaven | Human Events.

As it is written in the Book of Bloomberg, “He who strikes the Big Gulp of sin from his brother’s hand, shall sit in a Barca-Lounger at the right hand of God. 271 more words


How to Act Like a Good Team Member Part 2… Accepting What Is

One theme you will find throughout this blog is: Act like you would if it was your business. Yes… I know it’s not. Yes… I know if it were your business you think you would pay yourself more. 1,782 more words

Hourly Worker Resources

We're introverts. You'll have to get over it.

Did you see the chart above?  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  NT (or neuro-typical/non-autistic people) relax by socializing.  For those of us with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) such as Asperger’s, socializing is the very opposite of relaxing.  772 more words


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Here's an Aspie speaking succinctly for us all. Respect and much thanks.

Sadness Brings Inspiration

Stay positive… something good will come out of a bad situation… you just need to look for it. Keep those eyes peeled ;)


The Magic of "No"

‘No’ helps me achieve things. No, really – When someone tells me ‘no’, I get excited! Why? Because it means I have to think creatively of other ways to achieve my goal. 390 more words


tax love

It was a timely question. A psychiatrist asked his patient on April 15 about the first time he discovered that he loves to pay taxes.


Ananias (God is gracious) and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11)

Ananias sold a piece of property and brought only a portion of the money to Peter and lied saying that he was giving all the money from the purchase to Peter.  3,501 more words