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"Being a small mum in a wheelchair has its benefits!" #100days100stories

Disabled mum Marie started blogging for Scope a year ago when her son Mark was just a few months old. Here, as part of our… 569 more words


Attitude to analyze 2015-01-26

Убеждение:  я не извлекаю и не должен извлекать уроков из того, что делаю, я не должен стремиться получить опыт из моих “земных” деяний. Сделал мучительное и тягостное “земное” дело – забыл. Делать все, не вкладывая душу, на “отъебись”, не извлекая уроков, не получая опыта, не становясь умнее, добрее, сильнее, смелее или счастливее.


What should patients know about their disease?

A recent survey by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute showed that many women who had surgery for their breast cancer did not know basic facts about their own tumour, such as their HER2 status, their ER status, their tumour stage and grade. 472 more words


Day 4.34

As always there’s been progress, some of it forward and others back. The intense fatigue is now clearly beginning to abate but the weakness persists, and l looking at my legs and arms I have lost muscle bulk, a consequence of disuse atrophy, which will be a strong incentive to get back to yoga and exercises as soon as is physically possible. 498 more words


Erm...No thanks

A cheeky little phrase.

Perhaps said to a guy/girl who’s confidence seems to have crossed the line into the zone of cockiness and you decide you want to take them down a peg or two or equally have decided your just no that into. 920 more words


The US political divide on views toward Muslims and Islam | Pew Research Center

Mapping US party affiliation to attitudes towards different religions. Sharp contrast:

Party affiliation is not the only factor that correlates with differing views toward Muslims and Islam.

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Feeling like a failure?


What part of your life makes you feel like a bit of a failure?  If you are like me, there are definitely parts of life that make you feel less than successful…maybe not a “complete” failure, but surely not a total winner either.   25 more words