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Tales from the London Underground #136

People here with bags full of bags.
Black Friday?
Another American fad imported.
They’ll be lining up for bargains, but have bought along their own bags to save vital pennies. 348 more words



It is said that opposites attract. The majority of people think this means male and female. They overlook the love that other genders hold. I once held a love and continue to hold that love within for that individual that went by way of another, although that relationship is no longer, I found a greater relationship that is the sweetest of all loves, this love is the greater and I hope I never give up the world of this love. 272 more words


Our Teachers

Everyone has something to offer in this world.  Pay attention to everyone, because we learn from each other.  We attract many different people into our lives consciously or unconsciously.  58 more words

The mirror

We have discussed many times about the importance of making the changes inside of us first, before we even begin to criticise what we are experiencing or observing in the outside world. 405 more words


Opposites Attract (Or Do They?)

They say that opposites attract. And usually when ‘they’ say that, they mean in romance. But is it really such a good idea to find ‘your opposite’ for a relationship? 739 more words



Martial law to remain in Thailand for foreseeable future, justice minister says. 170 more words

y or rusty, car parts attract many

Sanders is one of more than 20,000 car enthusiasts who are expected to spend a sizable portion of their weekend at one of the largest indoor car swap meets in the central United States. 87 more words

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