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Law of Attraction

have a grateful heart

and cherish one another

good things will happen

Thought for Today 1.27.15

I just want to be clear about how I and the facilitators use the term “rest.” This issue popped up recently. The term is not used as an antidote to what is arising, as a way to ignore, dismiss or get rid of what is arising. 145 more words


Lynx 'Attract' For Girls Gift Set Review

Now we all know about the famous ‘Lynx’ deodorants for men but have any of you lovely ladies tried the ‘Attract’ for girls deodorant and shower gel set? 429 more words


How To Slowly But Surely Gain Women's Affection... A Perduring Piece (Part 3)

- Ask her… ask her if she feels a thing for you; she might say, ” I don’t know “, or something like, ” Maybe “, or even, ” A little “, either ways the answer simply put means ” yes “; you need to ask her so that she will know you’re, perhaps, interested in her; if she said, ” I don’t know “, half of it only entails that she is a little hesitant to say yes because you might think she’s way too easy, or she’s a tramp, the other half, obviously, she wants you; if she said, ” Maybe “, she’s now really into you but she’s again denying it but now similarly only a little; if she said, ” I’m on the verge of feeling a thing for you “, she yearns for you only she has a different way of showing it. 87 more words


How To Slowly But Surely Gain Women's Affection... A Perduring Piece (Part 2)

- Kiss her… kiss her agnate there is no posterity; tinge her inlet jibing a tyke; puff her like you cannot wheeze without that trace in the offing from her; pawn her lips, her filled mouth; cram her dial; dab her eyes, her nose, her ears; gasp her fringe; chime to the rearward of the ear that is to what place the tickle is in prospect belonging; want her. 84 more words