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XVI: how big of a f o o l can i really be?

i sometimes imagine myself kissing you
when you talk to me and the way you walked
with me after class was cute, you damn cutie. 246 more words


7 Blog Writing Tips that Attracted More Traffic

Are you at a creative standstill looking for blog writing tips? Blogging is one of the most lucrative strategies on the internet today, while allowing you to keep growing your communication skills on a daily basis. 143 more words


What makes us attracted to certain people?

I can say that I’m attracted to people who are confident with themselves. They seem to have something figured out in their lives and it makes me curious what it is, so I feel attracted. 56 more words

720: pleads for attention.

i just want you to notice me and how perfect we

could be, you and me you and me together we

would fit so perfectly, i just want you to notice me… 51 more words


699: tongues.

i sometimes think about

making out with your tongue

entwined with mine how attractive

would that be just you and me on the

verge of making love for eternities, but… 33 more words


Today Is Strange News! 'In Season'

Yesterday was good news, today this; I have come out of hibernation it seems. Nope, not a deep sleep or a long period of being a recluse, but a kind a different type, I am ‘in season’… yes I realize that is screwed up, but what isn’t when you have a mental health problem? 440 more words

Mental Health


Thursday August 14, 2014 #653

“Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. 129 more words