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First And Foremost

Somebody said this -

The man who is always saving up for the future will probably not be there when the future arrives.  416 more words

I'm Attr***** to You

Fair warning, I’m pretty positive this is a rant post:

I thought that I had it all figured out, until about ten minutes ago when I read… 284 more words


Would you be attracted to an organisation that values its people?

Would you be attracted to an organisation that values its people?

Updated: 18 Sep 2014

A poor cultural fit is one of the main reasons the employer-employee relationship fails, so why don’t employers put more thought into their marketing pitch to attract the people who will be right for them? 641 more words

There is no secret that usually men are attracted by a lady`s physical appearance. But each guy has his own sense of taste. But at a first glance they put some extra attention on these things. 231 more words


Forbidden fruit: Have you ever fancied your best friend’s partner?

We always want what we can’t have – or so the saying goes. And according to a new survey, 65% of cheating women are attracted to their best friend’s husband. 248 more words

Game trail

I don’t know what you want. Sometimes you’re so hard to read. On ocassion we play the very same game, other times you just let me talk, most of the times, you come and go. 252 more words


Dolphins Are Apparently Attracted to Magnets

According to a French study released Monday, dolphins are attracted to magnets. Platonically, of course.

To find out if dolphins are magnetosensitive—or able to sense Earth’s magnetic field—researchers tested how six bottleneck dolphins swimming freely independently reacted to barrels containing both magnetized and demagnetized blocks. 140 more words