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twelve: seasons.

dammit, why do you
have to be so fucking
perfect you piece of
shit you are too cute
for your own well being
that even you don’t know… 10 more words


Mr. Cellophane: The Wall Next to that Guy

One of the quotes in the upcoming movie The Theory of Everything the movie about the extraordinary man, Steven Hawkins, is “When there is life, there is Hope”. 566 more words


22 Men On The Quality They Find Attractive In A Woman

As cliche as this may be, I find a woman’s personality to be her most attractive quality, Of course I need to be physically attracted to her; find her pretty, be aroused by her body, be able to see her soul in her eyes, but none of that matters if she doesn’t have the personality.” 602 more words

#117. Don't...

…get all cocky when you hear that attractive female exclaim, “Oh my gosh…what a ca-uuuuuutie!” You haven’t yet looked just over your left shoulder and discovered that adorable 9-month old kid in the striped gray onesie hanging out on his dad’s hip. 

Ramona Flowers

Here are five reasons why I love Ramona Flowers. Yeah I know it may seem like the saddest blog post ever written. I assure you, it is. 212 more words