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Plagiarism in the Internet age: The issue isn't copying, it's attribution

I know I’m playing directly into someone’s hands by writing this, but hey the writer asked for it.

During a Washington Post live chat, Internet gadfly Gene Weingarten… 593 more words


What Works Best For Measuring Marketing Impact? - MarketingLand


Today’s technology now allows marketers to measure advertising performance with incredible accuracy and granularity thanks to a new technique: multi-touch attribution (MTA).

Access to user-level data allowed data scientists to develop predictive models with actionable outputs such as “send an email to user x, y and z to increase conversions by 2 percent” or “lower bid on this specific keyword by 30 percent to get a 3 percent lift in return on investment (ROI).” In other words, where Marketing (Or Media) Mix Modeling (MMM) modeled aggregated data to predict the effect of advertising on consumers, MTA observes real consumer behavior and (with some major help from big data processing) determines exactly what matters. 95 more words


5 big takeaways on growing your mobile business from MobileBeat

Our seventh annual MobileBeat conference is over, but the ideas we discussed live on.

After exploring the intricacies of mobile design and experience at our last two conferences, this year we honed in on mobile growth opportunities. 716 more words


My First Coin Attribution

Really happy today I managed to attribute my first cleaned coin. Out of the 50 or 60 I’m currently in one stage or another of cleaning I have researched a coin. 420 more words


Everything is Becoming More Like Lead Generation

Lead generation is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. That’s what Wikipedia tells me. Since my days at Countrywide Financial, where I spent 4 years of my career reporting and analyzing marketing data, lead generation has become synonymous with specific verticals like home and student loans, education, car buying, and insurances of all kinds. 742 more words


Revenue Attribution and Marketing Automation - NewFangled


Revenue attribution doesn’t happen all by itself, though. Here are four primary things you’ll need to put in place: a conversion-driven website, a CRM tool, marketing automation software, and some practice. 194 more words