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Assignment: Location Station

‘Location’ was the theme of the Media project, which took place after the Design one.

I started to explore the idea of different locations I thought of a certain person in, and thus; “Here, I think of You” 103 more words

Art Student


If… you were asked to write a short story, no more than a page or two, starting with the word “if”, what would you write? 333 more words


Culturally inspired Geometrics - Collage

These collages are from my recently started project, involving my initial interest in Indian and Moroccan tiles and patterns. I will be creating my own designs stemming from this inspiration and leading it to an interior textile application

Optical perception

Is what your wanting to see what you aim to see. In fact, is what you think you see what you’re meant to see?

After looking at my star sign, I began thinking about perception. 248 more words

Call for Papers: exploring an agenda for active citizenship

Dear friends,

The Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship invites academics and civil society activists to offer their insights and viewpoints through research papers and panel presentations around any of the following six areas of intervention. 420 more words


Skate Face

First Uni Project is Design based.

I am designing the image of a pop up shop (to be named Skate Face) that will sell skate related items. 24 more words


Bye Bye London!

So the time has come and it is finally time for me to pack up my life in bags, literally, and head off to the big bad world. 1,094 more words