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OCC’s Combined Regional Emergency Services Training (CREST) Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Last week it held a small party to mark the occasion.

CREST is Oakland County’s premier facility for police, fire, EMS and other emergency training.

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Helping Students Find Their ‘There’ While They’re Here

OCC Auburn Hills Campus employees got their first taste of the enthusiasm, vision and humor President Dr. Timothy Taylor brings to his new position during a welcome breakfast August 27. 195 more words


Let OCC Recycle Your e-Waste!

In support of Campus Sustainability Day 2014, the OCC Sustainability Committee is sponsoring an electronic waste recycling event at the Auburn Hills and Southfield Campuses. 149 more words

Man Charged With Leaving Scene Of Fatal Crash In Auburn Hills

AUBRUN HILLS (WWJ) — Angelo Diangelo, 68, of Royal Oak was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash on Monday, which killed a man on the side of the road back on June 28. 177 more words


Suspected Copper Thieves Arrested In Oakland County

CLARKSTON (WWJ) – A man and woman are behind bars for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of copper from buildings near Clarkston in northern Oakland County. 81 more words


Rush Series 2: The 1990s - Different Stages CD2 (1998)

Alright! Well, as if yesterdays trip through the monster that is CD1 of this set wasn’t enough, I’m back for another swing on CD2. And holy hell, this one’s equally monstrous. 277 more words