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Is Dermot Nottingham a SCAMMER?

Is Dermot Nottingham a SCAMMER?

Well, the simple answer is YES!

Click on this scoundrels name Dermot Gregory Nottingham


Mom's curry recipe and a protest

I attempted to make curry once using this recipe: BBC Good Food. It was surprisingly easy and satisfying to make.

Problem was, it tasted strange unlike any curry I’ve had before. 223 more words

Orthodontics in New Zealand: Day 3 The Price Shift from 5,000 to 20,000 NZD

Hi everyone, this is a follow-up on my journeys into the world of braces here in New Zealand. If you haven’t read my previous intro posts about it, I will give you a quick refresh so we can continue where we stopped (the second visit or Day #2 to a dentist and the data collection, which you can read… 571 more words


I'm Here and Never Getting on a Plane Again

So yes, 18 hours on a plane does not agree with me in the slightest. So unbelievably happy that I will not have to get on another plane again for a year. 216 more words


Cheeky Chooks

My great grandmother had a small farm when I grew up but she only had a few chickens and a cats left at that time. 142 more words


Trip planning


Travel insurance…check.

Bicylce tool kit…check.

Home schooling letter….check.

Four bike boxes….check.

Test pack of the boxes….oh, oh!

A major trip takes a lot of planning, a lot of gear, and a lot of problem solving. 510 more words

Family Trip

Project 365: Day 21 - From country roads to city lights

22nd July 2014 - Auckland, New Zealand

The cold winds pierced my skin,
And the city lights pierced my senses high.
And while the winds blew and the city slept…
162 more words