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Using Audacity

I really love tinkering around with music software – it takes me forever (computers and I don’t get along) but I’m always happy playing around with all the different things I can do! 735 more words


Quite possibly one of the best words in the English language.
Not only does saying it make you sound like a word wizard, but it is also incredibly fun to say. 1,251 more words


DC #3: Audio Editing

Having looked through and viewed the tutorial footage provided in the basic audio editing flipped lecture, I have been able to learn from and utilise techniques offered, however basic. 179 more words


Garageband; Musically Yours !!

As part of the task of doubting castle 3,I went through the flipped lecture on audio editing and some online resources and lessons on Garageband. While the flipped lecture introduced us to both Audacity and Garagband, I chose to experiment and learn to work with Garageband as I personally use a Mac which will make it simpler to synchronise the music straight with I Movie. 472 more words

Contemporary Media Work Practices

Song Byte 7: Amazing Grace, Final Version (A Cappella)

I first began experimenting with new lyrics to “Amazing Grace” in Song Byte 2. I liked that version, but ended up making a few adjustments earlier this year that I believe have brought me to the place of “finished.” My pitch reference for this recording was a tamboura drone I converted to A = 432 Hz tuning using the Audacity audio editor. 403 more words


Digital Disruption Rocks the Music Industry

What a frustrating yet rewarding experience making this audio recording has been! From a 16-minute interview and several different music files to the finished project you can listen to above, this project led to several near melt-downs and a lot of hair pulling. 138 more words

Comm 439

Jake's Bongo Solo

This is Jake’s pride and joy, his most prized (virtual) possession. 279 more words

Audio Engineering