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A poem is never finished, you just have to give up on it.’

‘If it is a natural preference to inhabit a room with casements…

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W.H. Auden, Twelve Songs, Song VII


Underneath an abject willow,

Lover, sulk no more:

Act from thought should quickly follow.

What is thinking for?

Your unique and moping station

Proves you cold; 87 more words


Funeral Blues

Write a poem about loss or death.

What we’ve looked at so far

At your request, we’ve read a variety of poems that deal with death and loss.   118 more words

National Poetry Writing Month 2014, Day Eight - Reset the Clocks

I’ve fallen a little behind preparing for two weddings. The prompt for Day Eight was…

“Today, let’s rewrite a famous poem, giving it our own spin. 232 more words


A tail we could wag

“In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.”

— W.H. Auden 182 more words

Quotes And Poems

Atheism as a Spiritual Commissurotomy

Some people who are former theists say they don’t miss their old faith, and so they don’t miss God. And certainly those who have never had faith do not miss what they never had, although some Materialists (atheists) wistfully wish they could believe. 795 more words


Yes it’s that time of year again my dear readers. As it turns out, if I want a job in the future I have to do A levels. 237 more words