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Dunbar versus Bacon: Why Social Media Reciprocity is a Numbers Racket

Twitter is a great place to find other writers.

It can be a good place to find readers, too. And to some degree that Venn diagram overlaps. 1,026 more words


38th Nordic Orchestra Conference in Aarhus (Denmark) adresses topic issues

Some 80 orchestra and education managers from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland discuss topic problems of publicly funded orchestras and opera houses in their countries. 52 more words


Your Three-Step Meme Guide to Defining (and Engaging) Your Digital Audience

One of the hardest things to grasp in the world of digital media is who your audience truly is. After all, if the entire world is listening (theoretically), do you even have a say in who your audience is or how you interact with them? 345 more words
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Innovation fund finalists

The Wiltshire Arts and Health Conference has been developed to share ideas and start conversations. One of the key features of the conference is the desire to look forward and to support the arts and health community to develop innovative ideas that change the way that we work. 705 more words


We need to go deeper than demographics

Still struggling with demographics, wondering why it’s not really helping you identify potential new audiences, or how best to create offers to existing segments? Here’s an article on the National Arts Marketing Project website from the US, which explains why just using demographics is problematic. 110 more words

Audience Development

Laura Bowler on her time with Manchester Camerata

During my residency at the Manchester Camerata, I was asking myself many questions as a composer, predominantly related to the idea of audiences. Having being embedded in a Masters Degree at RADA, I was provoked into considering audience far more than I ever had been during my studies at conservatoires. 439 more words


Martin Franklin on opportunities to broadcast

In 2004, I began hosting a small artist networking group with invited guest speakers, using the name the Gene Pool. Anyone who works outside of a large metropolitan area will know how hard it is to motivate people to regularly get out and engage in a wider discussion about the cultural landscape and the creative practice of other artists. 851 more words

Audience Development