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Two interesting examples (not from class)

I was on Storify for something else and saw these two things:

NPR made a Storify that they apparently updated throughout the Scotland voting. Several of you who were doing the NPR assignment noticed that NPR got very low engagement on tweets, Facebook posts, etc., that were about… 74 more words


THE CIVIL WAR, the Musical - Glorious, Awe-Inspiring!

South Jersey’s Eagle Theatre has awed another audience with the magnificent and powerful, THE CIVIL WAR, the musical. Ted Wioncek defined truely the term  “artistic direction” as he put the pieces together. 882 more words


Hey… Do you think my writing sucks? Well sometimes I SURE think it does. But that’s okay….

Know why? Because I’m writing from PRISON!

PrIsOn! For God sakes! 9 more words



WANTED: Reasonably intelligent and engaged readers interested in political and social justice issues who do not take themselves too seriously. Applicants must be committed to living the life they were created to live, have a wide variety of interests, be open to exploring new ideas, sharing thoughts and engaging in conversation. 88 more words


Narrowing it Down

Our in-class activity today really forced me to research who my true sneezers are. I know I previously labeled them as company workers and freelancers, but with supplemental research, I was able to narrow that down even more. 334 more words


Sneezers and the Hive

This week in class we discussed finding an audience for our ideas. Our discussions and the reading from Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Ideavirus have really made me think about who my “sneezers” are and what my “hive” is. 228 more words


Feedback and Other Bits

As I was writing the entry “Preparation,” I paused, just as I was about to type in a question to those who read the blog. I stopped and went into something else instead, because the last time I tried a question, I didn’t get an answer back. 400 more words