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Solitary confinement

Solitary confinement is enough to drive any sane person insane. Everyday throughout my days here in prison, I witness all day long as prisoners are being escorted to “the hole”.  340 more words

Prison Art/Cartoon

Hidden #Hashtags: Is the Suggestion Dropdown Always Right?

Until late last week, I had no personal Twitter account.  For years, I never saw the appeal.  Maybe it was my mathematical background or my disciplined essay writing talking, but the idea of being limited to 140 characters was completely unattractive.  1,509 more words


Live! at 9:00 am CDT on www.KTTR.org, "Searching God's Word" with Steve Weeks

Today we will be looking at David’s anointing as king over Israel, after Saul. 1 Samuel 16. Join us!

Bible Study

solitary confinement survey

Thanks to everyone who took the solitary confinement survey! Got a pretty interesting post coming later today about that…. A hellacious environment already inside a pretty hellacious environment. 8 more words

Prison Art/Cartoon

Thank you Guest Authors

I appreciate the time that people took to post on my blog and I hope you found some new connections from the experience. I have a couple Guest Authors left and then I’ll close the board down. 31 more words



To the world in general:

Do you know that phrase, “when things get tough the tough get going”? That is not my immediate reaction. In fact, if you look at the theory of flight or fight, I don’t really fit into either of those options either. 461 more words


I'll wear anything you say, if you give me money

FIRST, I’ll explain.

Through work, I’ve been roped into doing a 5K – nothing I haven’t done before – this one is called the Climb for Hope, and it’s a fundraiser for cancer research. 104 more words