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What is 'Recordation'?

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Today, I was working on a technical document when I had to stop mid-scroll and double-check what was on the screen.  306 more words

Business Communication

Your past self as the blog audience

Who are you writing for?

Targeting your audience for any piece of writing is important, but whittling it right down to the very core of what you want to say and who you want to say it to can be difficult. 85 more words


“The greatest mistake we make as writers is not understanding what it’s like to be our reader.” Shannon Chamberlain, adapted from Stephen Pinker


What Do You Want From Me?

I am so new to blogging… I still feel like a newborn and that is what I basically am: A newborn blogger.

Of course I still try to find my way and find out, what my readers like best. 319 more words


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I think it is less about asking what potential readers want and more about finding out what you want to share first. And then sharing it. I don't have a target audience myself and I asked that question as the daily opinion to really get people to think about who they wish to connect with. The answer may very well be "everyone," and that to me is ok! I hope you keep at it and keep on blogging. -OM Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their site.


was a girl in the mirror that stares at me with those black eyes

what am i doing here

stop reading poems COSMOPOLIS and go have sex with your boyfriend.   75 more words


Dear Reader

First, I love you.  Serious.

Second, I cheat on my boyfriend and drive my mind insane and end up in an acute care facility: Psych and addiction. 90 more words


uncanny coincidences

Over the recent weekend, together with a Friday university trip and weekend wanderings, I visited about 25 exhibitions and art events that were going on in London (mostly because it was the week of the massive Frieze Art Fair) – one thing I’ve really appreciated about being lucky enough to be in London is the sheer volume of art events going on – there’s always something going on every weekend. 1,408 more words