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Setting Goals

A few years ago, I began to surprise my colleagues at work by buying books on business and personal development and marketing, perhaps because they were so different to the typical books I was buying (Children’s, Young Adult, Fiction, and a bit of Sci-Fi), and perhaps because to them I was still the sixteen year old boy who started working in the shop in 2007. 465 more words


not at all

Hey, it is all good friend. Returning to the proverbial vomit of social media, the author embarks on another useless journey fraternizing with, well, nobody—simple, yes? 11 more words

Favorite Travel Spot Prompt

Write about your favorite place to travel. Write for your particular audience. What platform would you choose? (blog, twitter, email, Instagram, Tumblr) What details will you mention? 18 more words

Writing Prompts

Worship Conversation pt. 1

(I ran across this article that I had written for a newsletter 5 years ago and thought I’d post it here on this blog. I’ve been going through the documents that were transferred from our old computer before it died and there are quite a few articles that were never posted online.   495 more words

To Use or Not To Use (PowerPoint): Effective PowerPoint Usage & How Not To Become PowerPoint Dependent

Hello All,

Have you ever had to give a speech and come prepared with a flash drive and laptop only to find that the venue at which you are speaking does not have an overhead projector? 1,048 more words


Journal 2

And the decision is in. Perfection is Overrated will attempt to act as a column regarding (and sometimes actively pursuing) broadcast journalism, both in the “real world” and online. 206 more words

Section A Question 2: Audience

The main theories I will be talking about in my exam answers are:

  • Cultivation Theory
  • Hypodermic Needle
  • Reception Theory
  • Two Step Flow
  • Uses and Gratifications…
  • 408 more words
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