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Paternity Results: Man Smashes Another Woman He Thought Was His Wife?! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Wooow! Wait until you hear this edition of Paternity Test Tuesday. Our alleged father today claims he cheated on his wife with another woman, because he thought it was her! 134 more words

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How Far Will Drake & Kevin Hart's Beef Go? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

It’s all in fun now, but Drake and Kevin Hart‘s not so real beef, could turn into a real one. Listen to this edition of the  165 more words

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Dumb Ass News: Woman Expects Jesus To Pay Her Restaurant Tab! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Is this woman looney tunes or what?! Rickey Smiley says a woman expected Jesus, of whom she claims is her husband, to pay her restaurant bill! 132 more words

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J Moss Sings "Fall At Your Feet" LIVE! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Not everyone can wake up at the crack of dawn and sing their heart out. But J Moss proved he could do just that LIVE  on “ 153 more words

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Why Jay Z Has To Lose 20 Pounds [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Did Jay Z pick up the poundage? According to Gary With Da Tea, Beyonce seems to think so. Listen to Gary’s Tea to hear why Jay Z needs to lose at least 20 pounds ASAP, and how the extra weight is affecting his marriage! 133 more words

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How To Stop Pre-Cancer Cells From Developing In Your Body [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Cancer doesn’t come with a neon sign that says “you have cancer!” “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” talks to a young man, yes man, who was diagnosed with stage three cancer at point when he thought he was the healthiest he’s been in his life. 141 more words

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