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Paternity Results: Mother Thinks Her Son's Alleged Baby Mama Is A THOT [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Darwin is the alleged father of baby Datron, but he’s making sure since his mother seems to think the mother is a THOT. Listen to this edition of… 152 more words

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Why The NFL Commissioner Should Resign [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Jeff Johnson said from the beginning the NFL had to know before now about the Ray Rice video. Turns out he was right. Listen to the audio player to hear what new information has been released, and why the NFL commissioner… 130 more words

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Why It's Not A Good Idea For Chris Brown To Leave His House [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Chris Brown should pretty much never leave his house. Listen to this edition of Hip Hop Spot to hear about another close call with the law that makes this the best advice the R&B singer can take at this point! 134 more words

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Why Apollo Nida's Tell-All Book Might Actually Be Good [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

It’s no secret Apollo Nida is a complete idiot, but his plan to put out a tell-all might not be such a bad idea. Listen to  166 more words


Why French Montana Could Care Less About Break Up With Khloe [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Let’s give French Montana a round of applause. Why? Well, because he is winning. Listen to the audio player to hear how breaking up with… 122 more words

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Talking Tuesday: America's Pastime (Baseball)


I was ambivalent toward baseball for much of my life, only watching in the post-season and when games mattered. Things have changed in the last couple of years. 95 more words