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How do you set the field level auditing?

Hi, I have setup field level auditing as per the document How to set Field Level Auditing and I am unable to get detailed field data logs. 92 more words


Rationalization in action is frightening to see

It is scary to see the power of rationalization. We humans can exert great effort to persuade ourself that wrong is right. With enough effort, we can persuasively argue that wrong is a positive good, the noble alternative. 912 more words


Grade IV kicked my ass

By Chris Mann

I just wanted to let you guys know I went to my auditor in Phoenix, Tom Martiniano a few months ago and did my Grades III and IV. 181 more words


What has Scn done for me?

By Lana

In 2008 I went into doubt about Scientology.

I had spend the better part of my adult career supporting and forwarding Scientology, but found myself excommunicated (unjustly) and struggling to understand why I would need to pay an over-the-top freeloader bill and then do extensive amends to earn the right back to get onto services again. 845 more words


Excessive overtime pay for corrections employees runs 'risk of abuse,' audit reveals

Federal corrections employees were paid more than $50 million in overtime in the last fiscal year, yet there is “little analysis” taking place at the national level as to the root causes of the overtime, according to the results of a new audit. 545 more words