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Bring order

By Lana M.

Here is a great reference and tool to help friends, family and anyone you encounter. It is a superb process you can apply across the dynamics, including the first. 460 more words


Roots or routes of strategic audit

Strategic audit is one of the most troubling areas of audit. It is just difficult. The difficult thing about it is that most client organisations are not risk or strategy mature. 476 more words


Benford's Law Can Help Auditors

One of the most useful tools to auditors in detecting fraud is Benford’s Law. By knowing how to use Benford’s law, auditors and forensic accountants can create a graph that will easily show if invoice numbers are falling in line with Benford’s law, and if they aren’t where they can begin to look to see if they are fictitious. 493 more words

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Benford’s Law and how auditors use it to detect fraud

Frank Benford was not the first to discover what is now called Benford’s law. It was first discovered by Simon Newcomb, who made the discovery looking through worn out copies of logarithms books in the library. 536 more words


One person at a time

By Chris Mann

In 1993 I had just joined staff at my Class V Org after having read Dianetics and some of the basic Scientology books. 465 more words


Newborn troubles

By Natalie C.

A friend of mine had a baby a few months back. Her bub was not settled and though the new parents were obtaining advice from friends and family, they had gone through 4 months of heavily broken sleep and frazzled nerves trying to get their newborn to breastfeed and sleep regularly. 718 more words


Marc G. Nochimson & Friedman LLC: A Boon for Audit & Tax Planning Profession

Approved by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to work as a registered public accountant and tax preparer, Marc G. Nochimson has been practising from last three decades in this profession and has made a big name in the states of Maryland, New York, Delaware and New Jersey. 354 more words