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Freedom of speech?

In a week where the ‘hacktivists’, allegedly from North Korea, have taken Sony pictures to a decision about rejecting the publication of their film about the North Korean leader, I wonder if it is worth considering the freedom of speech of internal audit? 1,068 more words

Internal Auditing

Going places

By Chris Black

In Basic Auditing Series 2, “The Two Parts of Auditing”, Ron says:

“In order to do something for somebody you have to have a communication line to that person. 931 more words


Blaming the pc

By Lana M

A year ago I received a phone call from a person who had done a few Scientology services, but had ended up off-lines after a number of bad experiences.  553 more words

Milestone Two

Just saying...

By Lana M

Apologies for the limited number of posts in recent weeks.

Currently, here in Australia, I have 3 preclears for full time auditing, and just today did 7 hours in the chair while juggling two kids, a household and the pre-Christmas madness. 109 more words

Milestone Two

TRs minus Affinity

By Lana M.

Ever listened to a model LRH session?

He is so relaxed, so at ease.

And so different from the robotic auditors that are turned out by the “C of S” is their “Golden Age”. 893 more words


Scope 3 Evaluator: A new Tool for GHG Reporting

A new development from Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Quantis is the Scope 3 Evaluator, which is a free, web-based tool that provides users with a simple interface to quickly approximate their indirect emissions that occur in the value chain, regardless of the size or sector of the organization. 165 more words

Business Benefits

Oracle Database 12c - Auditing

I’ve been really interested to learn about some cool new features within Oracle Database auditing in 12c. 419 more words