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Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) 2015

24th January 2015.

I like this school and it has a nice programme (I especially love its theatre, so beautiful) but I am just not sure which is a bit annoying but it is how I feel so meh deals. 720 more words

I passed the audition! 😄

Could some body just play this? Then everything would be perfect for now!

-By the way, best movie ever, love it sooo much. :)

I got the mail, way sooner than expected, I mean – the audition was yesterday afternoon. 165 more words


WATCH: Mother-Daughter Duo Steal the Hearts of America Idol Judges

The 14th season of American Idol auditions have begun traveling throughout the U.S. to find the American Idol.

When they stopped in Nashville, the judges were greeted by a mother-daughter duo that were too adorable not to send to Hollywood. 29 more words


The Audition

Last week the middle Muppet came home very excited about the Grade 2 Musical that his class has been working on. He told me the story behind the musical and that they were holding auditions for different parts. 454 more words


#137. Don't...

…audition for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with a terrible head cold. Your “millionaire” will consistently sound like “billionaire” and they’ll totally think you’re either 1) greedy or 2) mocking them. 

Audition Day!

Today I went to an audition for this one-year dance education starting in October! It really wasn’t an ordinary audition with loads of auditioners (is that a word?) at once, competing against each other. 222 more words