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TMEA All-State tenor trombone etude: Dieppo

What a beautiful little piece! This is one of those etudes that I’m always so happy to see among the selections, as it just lends itself so well to the trombone. 229 more words


Emotional Memory: The Out-Dated Acting Technique

Talk to anyone who has studied drama or acting and they will almost definitely know who ‘Stanislavski’ was.

For those not in the know he is widely regarded as the father of modern, ‘realistic’ acting. 449 more words

Mental Illness

Where in the World has Sweeter Theatre Been?

Salutations, thespians! I apologize for not posting anything on here or on my Facebook page in forever. I have been extremely busy with drama-related things. For instance, I am currently rehearsing for THREE different plays right now! 217 more words


Thoughts on Starting A Theater Company

So, I’m wanting to start a physical theater company. I’ve been wanting to start it for a while now and I almost did, but now that I’m moving home, I still want to, but it may take a bit longer than I predicted! 1,127 more words


Texas ATSSB Trombone Etudes: Gatti

So, in this second post, we’re gonna tackle this little vigoroso treat that Mr. Gatti has in store for us.

First of all, let’s discuss the proverbial elephant in the room… What the heck do I do about breathing in this piece???!!!   685 more words


Texas ATSSB trombone etudes: Blazhevich

So, most of you young 1A-4A Texas trombonists have ATSSB All-Region auditions coming up in about 2 months! Maybe that statement made you start sweating just a little bit, because IT’S TIME TO START PRACTICING! 683 more words


3 Reasons Auditioning Is an Art in Itself

Auditioning is often seen as the poor uncreative cousin to acting; a necessary evil, the thing you have to learn so that you can get the job and really act. 790 more words