$AUDJPY- trend or Break?

Currently we are at 97.30. We have respected the trend top so far but don’t rule out an attempt to break the trend.  We are looking for a continuation to the S4 Support area @ 96.38 with an overall target @ 97.51.  20 more words

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AUD/JPY – 15/09/2014 (Analysis Follow-Up)

Following our previous analysis of the AUD/JPY pair here, the pair has actually fallen to our resistance turned support level at 96.40. It formed a bullish pinbar rejecting more downside move for the pair. 228 more words

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Weekend Update: September 14th, 2014 - Cracks Appear

“Now things get murky. There remains the potential of an irregular top at 2011 as previously discussed (red count) and we have started a “nested” 3rd wave decline OR a more complex 4th wave structure with new ATH’s still to come (preferred black count). 842 more words

AUD/JPY - 15/09/2014

The AUD/JPY pair fell lower last weekend after poor industrial numbers from China, drove down deamand for the AUD. Consensus was for a 8.8% increase, and the actual figures were only 6.9%, misisng by quite a fair bit. 140 more words

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Trying to trade NFP and it ain't pretty

Trades for 5th September.

Long AUDJPY. This has been in an UT for ages so there shouldn’t have been a problem, except NFP data was due and that usually causes mayhem. 1,011 more words

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Two profitable trades and both with good entries

Trades for 4th September.

Long AUDJPY. This is a good currency pair to trade when there is EUR news due and no USD news due for several hours as it just seems to ignore the EUR news and carry on its own sweet way. 480 more words

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$AUDJPY- Next Top?

Currently we are at 98.48. We are still trending in this channel and have had awesome results.  We are looking for a continuation to the 1.618 Resistance area @ 98.80 with an overall target @ 99.82.  20 more words

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