Weekend Update: September 1st, 2014 - Nearing a turn

The SPX and DJIA pushed to new ATH’s last week as expected¬†and we are on the cusp of completing wave v of (v) of (5) for this rally. 686 more words

Trading more with the higher time frame trends

Trades for 28th August.

Long AUDJPY. This had been in an UT for weeks so how did I mess this up? Here’s how. All the charts trends were going up and price was on or very nearly on the 15m and 5m EMA’s but was above the 60m EMA, but not by much. 496 more words

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Bad zones and lousy entries reduces 48 pip profit to a 5 pip profit

Trades for 25th August.

Long AUDJPY. This was in an UT on the 60m chart but a DT on the lower time frames and if I’d used the 60m chart for the trade then this would have worked. 474 more words

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week34 review: cutting loss on EURJPY( -60 x 2) CADJPY(-30 )

No clear edge for these:

EURJPY channel short bias

the setup that never was

CADJPY the anticipation that did not make it

AUDJPY the wr2B that never was… 28 more words

Ignoring the ADX and HTF at my peril

Trades for 19th August.

Short AUDNZD. This was in quite a strong DT but for some reason I decided to ignore the higher time frame and that trend was up. 412 more words

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No action from CBs, back to long carry positions...

The last updates we had from the BoE (Quarterly Inflation Report) and the last disappointing US figures showed clearly that the two major CBs (Fed and BoE) are not ready to tighten. 142 more words

Global Macro

How many trades is too many trades & not checking trend strength

Trades for 11th August.

Long GBPJPY. This had been in an UT since Friday and as there was no news due I entered a limit order which was filled. 796 more words

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