Not noticing a supply zone is expensive

Trades for 21st November.

Short EURUSD. I started this trade after a EUR news announcement (ECB’s Draghi’sspeech) and whatever he said didn’t inspire anyone’s confidence as EUR went lower everywhere. 318 more words

Trades Only

Trades Friday 11/21/14

Open and Closed Trades

USDCHF Sell (1 win)
EURAUD Buy (2 wins)
EURGBP Sell (2 wins)
USDJPY Sell (pending sell-stop canceled)
AUDNZD Sell (pending sell-stop canceled) 845 more words


20141119 NYC EOD Analysis

EURJPY update, AUDJPY update, EURCAD update, NZDUSD update, WTI update. 130 more words


20141118 NYC EOD Analysis

EURJPY update, AUDJPY buy signal, EURCAD sell signal for fun, NZDUSD sell signal, WTI sell signal. 297 more words


AUDJPY Signal for 2014-11-18

The Aussie has made a double top against the Yen and our studies are showing a lower move, place a PUT binary option if this market gets lower… 13 more words


Trades Sunday 11/16/14

Open and Closed Trades

USDCHF Sell (1 win)

All position sizes will remain the same as last week. My trading methodology allows me to handle this as position size is very conservative when it comes to risk and exposure. 719 more words


Trades Friday 11/14/14

Open and Closed Trades

AUDNZD Sell (1 pending sell-stop canceled)
GBPUSD Buy (2 win, 2 loss)
AUDJPY Sell (1 pending sell-stop canceled)
USDCHF Sell (1 open, 2 win) 773 more words