Fighting against the Aussie...

An interesting development overnight was the Australian Q2 inflation data which is approaching the higher band of the 2-3% RBA target range. Australia’s trimmed mean CPI, the indicator the RBA officials look at which excludes volatile items that are included in CPI, rose from 2.6% to 2.9% in the second quarter (expected at 2.7%). 233 more words


Two trades successful and two not and both with a price too far from the EMA

Trades for 22nd July.

Short EURUSD. This has been in a downtrend for weeks so to make a profit I just need to setup the trade correctly (“Is that all?” Ed.). 836 more words

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AUDJPY : 21 - 26 Jul 2014

Hari ni flight aku ke Sabah, pukul 12.55pm. Chart ni membuatkan aku x tido dari sahur tadi. So, aku nak berehat dan tak nak tulis panjang2, nak sambung tido. 71 more words


Taking 12 hours to be filled

Trades for 17th July.

Am I getting paranoid or is it just coincidence that my filled limit order trades are so flaky and those that aren’t filled always go on to be really profitable (“No that’s no coincidence.” Ed.). 444 more words

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AUDJPY Intraday Analysis 15 July 2014

Our Pivot: 95.50

Our Preference: Sell bellow  95.35  and add averages till  95.31  with strict stop loss of   95.50  and profit target at 95.10  &  95.00 . 52 more words


AUDJPY : 14 - 19 Jul 2014

Alhamdulillah, siap gak chart ni sejak mengerjakannya pukul 5.30 pg tadi, bersahur dan sambung…Bagi yang kata aku tak bagi analisis tu, mintak maaf ye…ada berbelas2 pair yang aku analisis, so, takde masa aku nak mengarang analisis aku kat sini atau mana2. 140 more words


Weak and missing zones

Trades for 10th July.

Short USDCAD. The 60m trend was downwards so entered a short limit order. Price continued going higher to a 15m supply zone and then went lower from there. 801 more words

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