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Photo Mapo

I have a bad habit of downloading apps that look interesting and then forgetting to try them.  Photo Mapo is a free iOS app that should not be overlooked. 244 more words


Leading a Simply K-12 Webinar Tomorrow: Augmented Reality in the Secondary Classroom

For those followers of this blog who love Augmented Reality as much as I do, I will be giving a webinar tomorrow for Simply K-12 at 3:00pm est. 195 more words


AR Trigger Made From Tabloid Headlines in Jon Benet Ramsey Case

This AR trigger was the work of a student of mine who created an Augmented Reality trigger based upon the tabloid headlines in the Jon Benet Ramsey case. 34 more words


AR Trigger to Jon Benet Ramsey Ransom Note Video

My students create this AR trigger as part of an APP-Smash challenge that we were doing in our Forensic Science class. When you scan it with the app LAYAR it takes you to a Tellagami detailing opinions about the ransom note that was part of the case.


Sunday April 13th Episode #3 of the AR + AppSmash Chronicles Featuring Brad Waid

Episode #3 of the AR + App-Smash Chronicles will Take Place on Sunday April 13th at 8:00 est

To join us LIVE in the Google Hangout click on the following link: 222 more words


AR Trigger to Jon Benet Ramsey Case Activity

Have students scan this AR trigger with the app LAYAR. It takes them to Tellagami on my You Tube Channel which asks them to find five pieces of information about the controversial ransom note in the Jon Benet Ramsey case. 19 more words


Day 17 of Google Glass in the Class

In this lesson I had a student film with the Google Glasses while I was using the the See in 3D Guinness World Records 2014 app that makes certain makes of the 2014 Guinness World Record Book transform into Augmented Reality. 79 more words