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July 30th - A little wink

A cloudless night on a balmy Wednesday evening. In an otherwise featureless display in the skies, the new’ish moon gave a little wink as the day draws to a close. 121 more words

Augmented Reality

This application shows an example of overlaying a graphical object on a surface backed field to create an augmented reality experience. The application displays a spinning 3D cube object on top of the camera view finder. 96 more words


Can immersive virtual reality kill?

Can a Baby’s Death Tell Us Anything About Video Game Addiction?

Most Americans don’t take video game addiction terribly seriously, but South Korea has been dealing with rising rates of gaming addiction for years now. 110 more words

Virtual Reality

Thanks to STC India for hosting my webinar on wearable technology and augmented reality

Thanks to STC India for hosting my webinar today on content strategy for wearable technology and augmented reality.

Great audience participation, and insightful questions and comments! 17 more words

Google Glass Project Glass

Get on board now - The Mobile 'ship' is sailing!

You need a strategy

Mobile Marketing is still in its infancy and nearly 70% of large companies don’t have a strategy yet.

Jump forward 5 years and it’s not hard to imagine that mobile devices have replaced many PCs (in countries like India the PC is being by-passed in favour of smartphones). 379 more words

Apparmo AR Solutions

ASTROGUN Lets Players Shoot Incoming Asteroids In An AR environment

Remember back in the late 70’s and early 80’s when people were dropping loads of quarters into Atari’s Asteroids video game? Remember how much fun it was at the time driving the “little triangle” around a black screen dodging and shooting odd-angled space bodies? 240 more words


Amazon Jumps Into 3D Print Game With On-Demand Store

Amazon has always been an on-demand marketplace of sorts; it can ship virtually anything in two days. But now, the online retail giant is taking “on demand” to a new level with its first 3D printing product marketplace. 90 more words