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The Launch of August Strindberg's "The Defence of a Madman"

On the 27th of October we had the pleasure of launching the first complete translation in English of August Strindberg’s The Defence of a Madman… 215 more words

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Filmmaker Interview: Liv Ullmann

At last month’s Chicago International Film Festival I had the great pleasure of interviewing legendary actress and filmmaker Liv Ullmann after the U.S. premiere of her new film adaptation of August Strindberg’s… 1,851 more words

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Notes on an effective play

An effective play should contain or make use of:

  • Hints and intimations
  • A secret made known to the audience either at the beginning or toward the end.
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Miss Julie

August Strindberg’s Miss Julie was made into a movie this year, September 2014.

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Marital Strife in Extremes: "The Dance of Death" at A Noise Within

Long before Edward Albee’s portrait of a manipulative, wretched, psychologically sadistic marriage in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” there was August Strindberg. A man whose view of matrimony can be gleaned from the 19th century playwright’s four unsuccessful marriages, Strindberg examined the twists and turns of relationship in several works, but never created a more mutually vicious version than that in “The Dance of Death.” 601 more words


From the Steam Off the Handle of My Moka Pot

Art is wherever you find it… often, the script is flipped on its ass, and art finds you. It’s always a tale self-narrated, even if you aren’t talking to yourself in public like the decent, self-actualized psychopath you are. 269 more words

Literatura sueca traducida al español

Se dice que la literatura sueca tuvo su oportunidad en el mercado español con Stieg Larsson. La trilogía Millennium se publicó con cierto retraso en 2008 y marcó el pistoletazo a la moda. 1,140 more words