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The Fault In Our Stars

Hmm…i have been thinking about this quite some times..so, i’ve decided to avoid any ridiculous short forms in my blog. sounds good? haha! wanna train myself to write properly.   374 more words

“but even if we survive the collapse of our sun, we will not survive forever.” - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

I caved.

I’ve seen sooooo much of this “Okay? Okay.” and “Maybe okay will be our ‘always'” stuff lately that I finally gave up and booked  591 more words


Reading: The Fault in Our Stars

Last week I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars from John Green. Like I expected, the book was great!

The story is about Hazel Grace Lancaster (like a lot of you probably already know). 166 more words


'The Fault in Our Stars' Film Review

As a huge fan of John Green I was fairly apprehensive of the film adaptation of one of his most popular books.

Although I feel that John Green’s characters can be somewhat unrealistic at times – there’s no way that teenage boys are really that sweet/attractive/open about their feelings/intelligent/cute/funny all at the same time right?! 437 more words


My resistance + final thoughts on The Fault In Our Stars

I half broke my vow and watched it during the sneak preview. LOL. But i swear it wasn’t my doing. For some reason, i’d told my boyfriend about the hype surrounding the movie and how i’ve been so adversed towards romantic movies lately…which backfired and made him want to watch it really badly. 781 more words

The Fault in Our Stars

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You asked me what the movie is all about.

And I’m puzzled. And I think deeply. Then I know, how to answer the question of yours, shortly and crystal clear. 544 more words

Catatan Pribadi

Movie of the Week: The Fault in Our Stars

After weeks I finally found the time to go to the movies and watch The Fault in Our Stars. I must say, that although the book is sitting in my nightstand, a present from a friend of mine for my birthday, I still haven’t even opened it (truth is, dramas depress me!). 196 more words