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Guest Post: I do Augustus, I do: A reflection on love and life within A Fault In Our Stars

I do Augustus, I do:
A reflection on love and life within A Fault In Our Stars

Recently, amidst a looming thesis deadline, I finished reading John Green’s novel… 3,465 more words



Octavian was the name of the great-nephew of Julius Caesar. Caesar’s will named him as his adopted son and heir. Octavian, later to be known as Augustus, was born on September 23 of the year 63 BC. 235 more words

Western Civilization 1

Travel: Madrid and Rome part 2

In my last post, I gave you guys my brief impressions of Madrid, so today we’ll go into a little more detail on the Eternal City: Rome. 1,163 more words

Augustus is ready for winter

Suet. Aug. 82 (1): “In winter he protected himself with four tunics and a heavy toga, besides an undershirt, a woollen chest-protector and wraps for his thighs and shins, while in summer he slept with the doors of his bed-room open, oftentimes in the open court near a fountain, besides having someone to fan him. 25 more words


The first Emperor (part 2)

We last left off with the deaths of Antony and Cleopatra. Octavian now stood at the centre of Roman politics and the populace stood by with bated breath, waiting to see what his next move would be.  1,684 more words


My Trip To Europe. Day 11. Tuesday, October 14. Taormina and Etna

Today I visit a tourist trap, and a mountain that goes Kaboom!

The Coin of the Day is a denarius of Augustus. 1,384 more words

2014 Trip To Europe

The first Emperor (part 1)

It almost goes without saying, but for there to be an Empire you usually need an Emperor. Over the next 2 posts, we’ll be taking a look at the man who has the honour of being Rome’s first emperor, and the way in which he was able to claim that seat without anyone even realising. 1,218 more words