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Congress shall have the power to declare war? How Obama can bypass Congress over Iraq.

The Obama administration faces a tough decision over the future of US involvement in Iraq. The militant group ISIS (short for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) have stepped up militant jihadist attacks against civilians and Iraqi soldiers to advance their supposed political goal of establishing an ‘Islamic emirate that straddles Syria and Iraq’, resulting in pictures being beamed across the world of soldiers allegedly being shot in shallow ditches, and claiming responsibility for suicide attacks in busy market streets.  816 more words

Releasing the Taliban Five: A Choice, Not an Obligation

By Andrew C. McCarthy:

As usual, Senator John McCain has not exactly been a model of consistency on the Bergdahl-Taliban swap. First he said he would support such a deal; then, after it was done and popular opinion turned sharply against it, he maverickly condemned it. 457 more words

Counter Jihad Report

The Taliban Trade: The Trade of the Century

by Diane Rufino

“Obama admits that Taliban prisoner swap for Bergdahl could put Americans in danger.  He also acknowledged that the Taliban fighters could once again engage in efforts that are detrimental to U.S. 2,075 more words

War Is Peace: Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy

For ReasonEd Krayewski  writes:

With just about two and a half years left of President Obama’s second term, it’s legacy-building time at the White House. 441 more words

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