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Back to Normal

Well, things are pretty much back to normal. My friend has been able to get some help so she’s hopefully not going to be homeless anymore, which has definitely helped calm my nerves a lot. 317 more words


Thank You Gretchen

Today my Friday favorite is dedicated to the sweet girl pictured below. I know she is photographed quite often, but in my opinion, who wouldn’t want to constantly look at her dear face. 148 more words


Day 297: In loving memory

Today the family will be gathered together to say their last goodbyes to my aunt, who died on 17 October 2014. We will reflect on her life, on the wonderful person she was. 35 more words


Franny Mae On the Move!


Franny Mae is on the move! Watching pool boys, getting sauced at 3 p.m. She’s the auntie your mom warned you about.


The Best Job On Earth

I have the best job on earth: Aunt (or Tita for any of my fellow Filipinos out there). Being an Aunt is actually my favorite part of my life thus far. 441 more words


Stories for the Grandkids: BFF Edition

There are some stories you know you’ll tell your grandkids one day. I will tell my grandkids about the weekend I claimed myself “eternally grateful” to Lyla and the next night told her, “I’m going to cockblock the shit out of this.” 549 more words


hypothetical henry.

if you know me at all or you’ve asked me any kind of deep questions about what i want to be when i grow up, it is likely that ‘hypothetical henry’ has come up. 1,149 more words