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Refinishing and Remembering

Telling you about this table is going to harder to articulate into writing than I thought.  While it may have appeared to be just your average oval table, with a golden oak stain that could likely be found in many households across the US, it is an priceless piece of furniture to me. 472 more words



Recently, my fiancee and I have returned to New Jersey to live at my parents house. While we were in Pennsylvania we both found jobs but we also found something else out..the fact that at the time I was 4 weeks pregnant. 108 more words

Vino Indio for Whatever Ails You

Paco wasn’t expecting us, but then we never call first. Every branch of José’s extensive family tree is just pleasantly surprised whenever we show up, whenever that might be. 885 more words

Living Abroad

From near and far: Summer family visitors

Summer in Oregon is pretty much the best time/place combo I can think of. With the state’s beautiful weather, easy access to swimming holes and unbeatable hot-weather harvests, it’s no wonder we get a ton of visitors this time of year. 316 more words


The scribe took possession of his grandmother’s knitting. Needles, yarn, and projects in progress. All impeccably, impossibly ordered in the bag. Brightly colored balls tightly wound and thin off-white in ovals ready to be wound, tags keeping it from chaos. 456 more words


Going With the Flow, Really

My nights are peppered with bathroom runs. I literally have to pee every couple of hours or so. It is SO annoying!

(I know, I know… I’m not headed out the backdoor to the outhouse or anything!) 304 more words


Every day I thank the god I don't believe in for my little pack of pills

I found out today that my nineteen-year-old sister is pregnant.

She was one month away from beating teen pregnancy.

I wouldn’t have much opinion in the situation if I didn’t live at home. 205 more words