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Monday News

Happy Monday!

So do you guys remember this post?  –> http://jessjeffs.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/not-enough-brain-space/

Do you remember how I said there was NEWS that I had to wait to tell you all. 103 more words

Talking to a baby

Hello niece,
I saw you again, briefly, today. I had been working in my parents yard all day, sawing branches and smashing old furniture with a sledgehammer. 313 more words

3 years an aunt

Last sunday, 12th October 2014, my niece turned 3 years old.

When my brother told me that i was going to be an aunt i wasn’t majorly excited because at the time, little 12 year old me was going through a phase of thinking that mum was right about everything, and so her opinions were my opinions. 575 more words

family roots

(transferred from tumblr. original publication date: July 16, 2012)

one of the most interesting things about my father’s family is our history. my grandparents and their children went through wwii in the netherlands and what exactly happened during that time is still not completely clear. 119 more words


Aunt Maryanne.

Aunt Maryanne has been here all week with us! It has been so great having an extra set of hands with you two! She loves to play with you guys and never misses an opportunity to hang out with you! 77 more words

Family time

So far i’ve had a busy Saturday. I went to visit my granddad, our moms dad. He got diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of weeks ago, and i hadn’t seen him since his diagnosis. 307 more words


We’ve now sorted out who’s coming to London with us for my birthday weekend on the 8th/9th of November, and have been looking at possible hotels. 102 more words