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Everlasting Debate

I am a sucker for babies. Babies are the most innocent human beings in the world, because they don’t have any problems. These little angels don’t have to worry about anything and just live their lives to the fullest. 302 more words

Dad in The Big Land

These days, few of us experience the old-fashioned pleasure of receiving a letter by standard mail. So imagine my joy to find, tucked inside a Christmas card from my aunt in the U.S., a handwritten note, along with a handful of photos sent to her from my father. 299 more words


Happy Birthday Ollie - A day that turns Auntie Hannie into a crybaby

We’ve celebrated a couple very special birthdays this month and I love it! Apart from the food and celebration, I love thinking about how important and special the person is to me. 603 more words


Memorable Christmases

Memorable Christmases —- most folks would probably go to wonderful, happy times with that phrase.  And I have many joyous memories of Christmas holidays with loved ones — food, smells, music, and laughter.   982 more words

Family Stories

2015 is going to be FANTASTIC year!

Just a little over three weeks into the new year, and I am 100% confident that 2015 is going to be absolutely fantastic.  In fact, I might even go so far as to say that it might be my best year yet.  560 more words

When you get pushed to your limits

You know what I hate? I hate how my best friend just replaced me with someone else. How she thinks that other person is now this high and mighty queen. 1,111 more words

My Life

Let's Talk About Motivation!

It’s hard to stay motivated at times especially when you are a person that procrastinates.  While I am trying my hardest to break this bad habit, I still need time.  163 more words