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Hey, I'm back!

What amazing things three days with family can do!

I came home last night feeling rested and refreshed ready to take on the big bad world. 124 more words


Watch Out for the Impending Black Shadow!!!

My heart is SO TENDER in this season!  I just love Thanksgiving for two reasons -

1)  I have such fond memories of going to my Aunt’s house in Dearborn and going to the Thanksgiving Day parade!   707 more words


Work was really quiet today, and I didn’t even sell anything until the last hour or so… We went round to my aunt and uncle’s house with my grandparents this evening, as it was both of my nan’s birthdays on Thursday. 86 more words

Letter to My Niece

My niece is two. Her birthday is the day before mine…talk about the best birthday present ever! That day I became an aunt, and before she was born I had always heard about how strong a mother’s love is, but never experienced it. 698 more words

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 22

Today is my day of silence. Every year since 1995, this 22nd day of November has been one of reflection and silence, and while it’s also my father-in-law’s birthday, I will never stop my tradition. 334 more words


Eavesdropping: Gloom and Doom

I like eavesdropping, When I am on the train or out in a cafe I find it fascinating to catch a brief insight into someone else’s life. 853 more words


Speaking Life---the POWER of the Tongue!

Words…they can hurt or they can heal. What we do with our words depends on how we say them or convey them or even if we speak them at all. 402 more words