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Rejection II

So this week I was given a very lovely and special invite by my sister, to attend a book week concert at my nephew Jack’s school. 843 more words


Sup people, longest longest time no gossip…. Don’t blame me, blame Ramadan..lol… Still, am sorry for not posting for a while and u can bet that my comeback is going to be worth it. 1,864 more words


Freedesiblog.co – Indian Pakistani Bhabhi Aunty Sex Video Blog



Hottest desi Indian servant fingering in vagina hole and showing her huge boobs nipples pussy hole to lover. Her lover is insert finger in her wet vagina hole and capturing her video clip by mobile. 57 more words


Alphabet Photography ~ N

N is for … Niece and Nephew.

My sister beat me to having a child first so I became an Aunty before I became a Mummy. 189 more words


11 Indian Aunty Pet Peeves: (Kyunki 11 Ka Shagun Hota Hai)

1. Pata hai…
I have always seen these two coming home at such odd hours with their hands linked! Iss generation ka kya hoga? *rolls eyes* 252 more words

10 Things I Don't Want to Hear After Completing My Degree

1. You did law? I hate law students, always thinking they’re lawyers
Why gee, thanks. We’re not all like that, but sure. 

2. So what law school are you going to now then? 299 more words


155. Types of People You See On the Dancefloor at an Indian Wedding

The Closet Professional

These people have to be physically dragged onto the dancefloor but once they get there, they’re busting out moves you’ve never seen before and they’re bruk-bruk-brukking it down like no tomorrow. 270 more words