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Let's talk about time zones.

As anyone who has lived far away from their friends and family can tell you, one of the most difficult things about communicating with your loved ones is the time difference. 173 more words


Magnificent Rome/1 year after London

Funny thing – we left Rome on August 29, exactly one year on the date after I took a seat on my plane to London.

Roma fotografia

Ice cream and culture – a must for a tourist in Rome.

During our stay in Italy we visited many monuments, saw old churches and statues, dined fine food and wine, and viewed original paintings such as The last supper and Michelangelo’s cealing in the Sixtin Chapel’s (inc. The Birth of Adam).

My First Week as an Expat in the city of love

Honestly when I left my small own in Nova Scotia I was feeling like I was slipping int the life of a very introverted person. I became so accustomed to a routine and lifestyle of being alone all of the time and having the choice to do what I wanted to without having to be bothered by anyone else’s opinion or choices. 611 more words

Salut Toulouse

All alone, with a ten journey ticket, a pocket map, and a peach in my bag, I made my way into Toulouse for the first time. 423 more words


Across the street from Europe's largest Brothel

I think this is the first time I have actually written the word Brothel.

Last night was the first time I went out in Cologne. It was quite an adventure. 725 more words


Viel Gerede um Nichts || Auf gehts nach Dublin ~

Morgen gehts endlich nach Dublin und ich freue mich so sehr. ♥

In meinen fast sieben Monaten in Irland habe ich es doch tatsächlich nicht nach Dublin geschafft (Flughafen Aufenthalte mal ausgenommen). 453 more words