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Willkommen in Ramersbach

Well, after a month in my lovely new home, Ramersbach, I felt it was time to share with everyone what this place is all about. I arrived at the Frankfurt airport at two o’clock in the afternoon and was greeted by my lovely host mother, Nina. 509 more words


Making rice

So I’d like to give a big shout out to whoever created Pinterest thank you from the bottom of my heart! I seriously I go to Pinterest before I go to google now it’s my go to for just about everything lately. 165 more words

Berlin part 1

I went to Berlin last weekend and the first part of last week. (Sat-wed) it was my first trip since officially moving to Cologne and it certainly was an interesting one. 666 more words

Au Pair

Au pair, es una palabra francesa, usada para denominar a la persona acogida temporalmente por una familia a cambio de un trabajo auxiliar, como cuidar a los niños; suele convivir con la familia receptora como un miembro más, y recibe una pequeña remuneración así como comida y alojamiento gratuitos; en la mayoría de los casos son estudiantes.

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24/09/2014 15:51

Jag kom just hem från centrumet. Jag var och köpte en liten present till min kusin som jag sedan skickade till Finland. Det kändes lite konstigt. 223 more words


The absolute best way to have a good time and meet new people

When I first arrived here in paris I was using the au pair facebook group as a way to connect to with other internationals here, but of course they were all au paris with pretty well the same story of why they were here. 483 more words

August 22nd - 24th

Ende August hatte mich die liebe Hannah anlässlich ihres Geburtstages besucht. Wir starteten das Wochenende mit einem Baseballspiel am Freitagabend. Die New York Yankees gegen die Chicago White Sox. 121 more words