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Seeing Auras with Help from Subliminal Messages

Seeing auras with help from subliminal messages is a psychic ability and once you have learned how to see them, it becomes a psychic miracle that you can perform at will. 312 more words

Subliminal Messages

i see Red

I see Red.

It was as if an open space held the ocean inside of me.


Motivation Mondays! Daily Push-Ups for Your Life!

Sagittarius & What They Hate “Cynical, Unenthusiastic and Selfish People” 

The Mind is All–King and Queen to whatever One wishes to achieve. This morning I had a cosmic soul mate in his overly pessimistic “the sky is falling” aura respond to my text after  I sent him a few positive affirmations and the Sun emoticon. 330 more words

Chakra Medicine

We are energetic beings with a magnificant aura and powerful energy centers called ‘Chakras.’ We are a bundle of pulsating light energies that make up our entire physical body. 19 more words


Indigo Children

Below is a repost about Indigo children. Are you one of them? Typically characterized by high sensitivity, strong sense of self-worth, strong intuition, and rebellion. 5,308 more words


What does your image say about you?

Helloooooo readers :-)

So todays blog idea came about when I was on my way to church today! Usually I take the bus but today I thought I was balling a little so decided to take a taxi there. 314 more words

Image of the Day- Orange Aura

This image was taken back in 2010 at the Tucson Botanical Center and this particular flower called out to me. Long before I had the macro lens, so it is a bit rough- but looking back through old images, it again called out to me. Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!

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