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Making An Aura Above The Hob by Decoration Themes

Miele’s new Aura Edition 6000 cookerhood, otherwise identified as the DA6700, brings with each other form and function in a most harmonious manner, reflecting the innovative design and style ethos of Miele’s Generation 6000 variety of built-in appliances. 23 more words

wikipedia poem, no. 24

          the explicit camphor find it two notes a major 
      third interval
then the cuckoo i know the unfading 
green camphor when i hear it do you

      notes a major 
interval and then the idea of an owl 
juxtaposed by the 
cuckoo the meantime the shuttering engine

	it all adds up to a subtle push
you had pushed the owl did 
          not I said but in the unfading 
      camphor      the kei engine
third interval 
some naming the cuckoo the unfading green camphor 
two knots I 
said becomes three and so on but in the definite article of the owl 
he/I did note a major third interval

note it

cuckoo the owl 
      did note a 
  major third interval   and spring 
the cuckoo 
      the owl was not I 
         but in the unfading green camphor        bang bang
two notes a major third 
      The cuckoo you who
the owl notes a definite 
          major third
        cuckoo… 6 more words

By taking the time to return to ourselves to find our space allows us the time to replenish, nourish, and release energy that is no longer needed in our space. 192 more words

Personal Journey

Binaural (3D) Hypnosis and Guided Relaxation/Meditation For Self Worth and Letting Go (ASMR)



Hello everyone! This ASMR video features binaural ear to ear whispering, pocket watch swinging, rain, water sounds, fire sounds, and chimes/clinking metal. I…
Divine Aim

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My wife just joined in a group which endorses beauty and skin care products here in the Philippines. The product brand is still new but its products are promising. 93 more words


And Action

Some lightwriting action shots. All images are done with long time exposure in between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Enjoy

Light Writing