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Grey Wings Chapter Two

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Today will always be remembered as the day that Aurelius fell from Heaven.

Aurelius, who had spent his entire existence amongst the clouds, would remember it as the day he was pushed – kicking, screaming, and cursing – from Heaven. 290 more words

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The Adventures of Aurelius : Globe-Trotting Pup / Chapter 5

Aurelius and his Uncle Nick have decided to travel to Montreal during Autumn to experience the city’s famous culture and cuisine.  The well-traveled pup is feeling a little proud of himself as he is able to pack for the trip in under 20 minutes. 36 more words


The Adventures of Aurelius : Globe-Trotting Pup / Chapter 6

While waiting for Nick at Aunt Norma’s house, Aurelius enjoys the Autumn and Halloween decorations during a commercial break from “Jeopardy.”

It was unusually cold and bitter so Aunt Norma makes Aurelius a hot beverage to warm up.   21 more words


Independent Bookstores  

Kipling’s Captain Courageous title page

There was a bookstore I used to go to all the time. I moved away from it for a while when I went off to college. 822 more words


Die Wahrheit und der Löwe

“Die Wahrheit ist wie ein Löwe.
Man muss sie nicht verteidigen.
Lass sie einfach los.
Sie wird sich selbst verteidigen.”
Aurelius Augustinus – 4. Jahrh. 37 more words