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I’m now officially 51, with the non-existent pectoral muscles and waistline to prove it, not to mention the inflated last measurement I get from sitting at a computer, writing, for hours on end, I do plan on doing something about all those numbers in 2014, I’m watching Hercule Poirot, a creation of Agatha Christie who had Epilepsy, complex-partial seizures, although her PR called it ‘psychic fugue states’ and I use that description in the novel I’m working on. 88 more words

Detect Bose-Einstein condensate with cubesat?

Perhaps some of the particles streaming in earth’s magnetic field are Bose-Einstein condensate if very low temperature. Suitable for a cube satellite (cube sat) detection? Any superconductivity involved with Aurora Borealis? 7 more words

Letters From Ionia


Tromsø, Februar 2014. Eine Hundeschlittentour durchs endlose Weiß. Rentier-Eintopf im urigen Zelt am Lagerfeuer. Kristallklare Luft. Und mitten in der Stille der Polarnacht: der Tanz der Nordlichter.

Northern Lights

Taken in February outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. An amazing sight!


5 Items On My Bucketlist

I think everyone should makeup a bucket list to keep track of goals that they have set for themselves. A couple of these are dreams of mine and a couple are things I decided I really want to do. 145 more words