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Either God was up late painting, or there’s an alien invasion on it’s way, but they can’t decide where to land. 

Tonight I got to see the Northern lights for the first time. 334 more words


Auroras seen in parts of Canada

Aurora data is excellent but clouds win in most of Alaska. Valdez area can see green. Montana reporting aurora. Many areas of Canada see aurora. Tasmania is anticipating aurora!!

Aurora Borealis

Joan Larsen's Travel: Get Lost in Iceland

By Joan Larsen

So close yet so remote. So magnificent that it beats out all comers on our planet. Until now, it has been my own secret hideaway on this earth – Iceland, the magnificent. 425 more words


Katonah Museum of Art in Westchester

I visited the Katonah Museum of Art, a small but interesting place in Katonah. The exhibit was on Iceland and they included two galleries and a video. 131 more words


Borealis is back

The first borealis that I was able to view came on August 23/24.  It’s finally dark enough to see them.  Not a huge display, and fairly low on the horizon but I was outside for an hour taking photos.  59 more words



By some estimates, Iceland currently ranks one of the most atheistic countries in the world. This seems a bit strange for a country that was founded by Christians. 1,732 more words


Go, explore the world

Lately (and this is probably why I’ve been in the MIA mode here at VQ), I’ve been discovering the world. Now, I don’t mean that I’ve been traveling. 229 more words