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Walking on ice

There is a fine line between autumn and winter around Lyngenfjord right now. The ground is still coloured in yellow, orange and red and the frost creates beautiful cristals on the naked tree trunks and bushes in the valleys. 67 more words


Gorgeous!!! Aurora Picture, and Phenomenon Solar Sector Boundary Crossings

Emerald Dynamite.
Gorgeous!!! This striking picture was taken by Ole Salomonsen of Tromso, Norway.

Click the image to enlarge.
There are many more beautiful pictures on his website. 78 more words


The Northern Lights have Returned

Need a reason to drive around Iceland? Look no further! Grab the most affordable rental cars in Iceland at Lotus Car Rental, and drive directly to a sight you thought your eyes would never see: … 291 more words

Travel Iceland

The Chena River Aurora

Ice-up will be happening any day now in Fairbanks. The small ponds and marshes have been locked with ice thick enough to walk on since the end of September, but the rivers have resisted a solid state owing to a not-too-cold October to date. 584 more words



Refraction- “the turning or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes from one medium into another of different optical density” (freedictionary.com). 119 more words


Postcard #4 - Iceland

I’ve almost stopped noticing the smell.


It doesn’t help that my favourite place to sit and write is down by the docks. There’s a line of black rocks separating the harbour from the beach, and I love to curl up there with my notebook. 718 more words