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It Happens Every Spring (1949)

It Happens Every Spring that chemistry professor, Vernon K. Simpson becomes distracted.  He’s been working on a formula to repel wood for some time and can barely get through his lessons each day because his mind wanders back to his experiment. 955 more words

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To Doris Day, Happy Birthday

If you visit the TCM website you’ll see a very special feature prominently displayed, a TCM Original recording of an audio interview conducted by Robert Osborne with  1,653 more words

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#TCMFF - I will be queen wherever I walk

“What does that Mean?”

This year marks the fifth Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF) and the second year I attend.  This is also the second year I publish my well-thought-out plan of action, which I share with you today.   1,499 more words

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Warner Archive's A Damsel in Distress (1937)

Fred Astaire dancing to tunes by George and Ira Gershwin and partnered with George Burns and Gracie Allen, Gracie-isms galore, a nineteen-year-old Joan Fontaine, the snootiness of Reginald Gardiner, impressive art direction and available in HD – all reasons why I so enjoyed watching George Stevens’ … 778 more words

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Irene Dunne on The Jack Benny Show

This is a companion piece to Babyface Bogart on The Jack Benny Show, which was presented yesterday on this blog.  The two really have no connection as far as its “Big Stars” other than Jack Benny, but I couldn’t choose between them so here they are as a twofer.

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A look at #TCMFF with Theresa Brown

I was tempted to include “superfan” in this post’s title in reference to Theresa Brown, but I think that would have made her cringe.  To me she’s a celebrity and I’ve told her so many times.   531 more words

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