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10 Of The Most Unusual Cities

According to Listverse -

The world is a very strange place indeed. There is no telling what lurks behind picket fences. Below are some of the very strangest locales across the globe, from a city mired in garbage to a community of retired circus freaks. 21 more words

Auroville, città ideale per l'umanità.

“Auroville vuole essere una città universale, dove uomini e donne di tutti i paesi sono in grado di vivere in pace e progressiva armonia sopra ogni credo, politica e nazionalità. 1,029 more words


Creating a recycled dream-village with "houses that heal"! Auroville : sacred groves!

Sacred Groves , 180 houses in a new community. Mainly build from natural and recycled material. That’s Manu Goplands dream coming true in Auroville India on 2,5 acres of dry soil. 842 more words

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I ventured over to India and Auroville in late 2009 and was taken back by its radical approach to sustainability, experimenting with the 'wholelistic' view. Its great to see how developments are taking shape. What Do you Think about their new housing design? Take a look.

Auroville, an experimental "universal township"


Auroville, also known as “The city of Dawn” or “La ville de l’Aurore” in french, is an experimental township closed to Pondicherry in South India. 740 more words


Wood House – Auroville / render images, impressions, floorplans ...

As with most of our projects, a considerable amount of time goes into producing beautiful (to our eyes) drawings. Featured here are the elaborate drawings for the previously posted wood house in one of the forest areas of Auroville. 124 more words


House in Poe’s Garden / Chennai – Some Instagram impressions from the site

The post shows a selection of Instagram-edited photos from the site … Just so :-)

The Western facade while plaster work is going on … 9 more words


House in Poe’s Garden / Chennai – Rendered floor plans and elevations

“Gut Ding will Weile haben …” (German proverb: “Good things take time …”)

While the building in Chennai slowly but surely approaches somewhat of a final round, the office with the client has tirelessly been working to fine-tune various parts of the design: from detailing important design elements such as the electrical layout, the window detailing (which will be a separate post soon), the tuning of each and every space and its future furniture layout… Every decision taken will be re-evaluated, cross-checked with the assumed real needs and the real daily life of the client and his family until the agreed upon most ideal solution is found. 381 more words