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Eating Out in Auroville

Food at most of the establishments at Auroville looks surprisingly like any home-cooked meal; with little or no effort of commercial dressing up. The practice, in my opinion, is also symbolic of focus on core content of the food. 2,086 more words



I finished reading Siddhartha(by Herman Hesse) an hour ago and I keep going back to it. I am not completely ready to keep it back on the bookshelf. 397 more words

Art changes people and people change the world

Review on Indian street art

Hello East lovers and happy New Year to all!

I apologise since it has been a while I haven’t posted anything! 281 more words

A Dream

Chocolate Can Help Save the Planet

While the above phrase is meant to be a joke, it actually is quite true. The cacao tree can aid in the healing of not only Earth but humans well. 550 more words


Corporate Outing!!!

A glimpse of the story of a corporate outing…
Places in the pics:
Paradise Beach, Aayi Mandapam, Auro Beach, Auroville, Mahabalipuram, etc…
Pics are arranged in no particular order. 175 more words


Day6 _The House

from 1:10 to full scale

Today we are dealing with one of the fundamental constructive-problem of the prototype: how to join the elements and fix them together. 146 more words

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